Monday, May 30, 2011

Archipelago ~ Vogue Boutique

Another corner of the Vogue Boutique

Archipelago's milk line is a designers dream come true, the packaging is great for display.  You know how I am all about the display.  Half the time when I get a table done I end up marking half the stuff NSF because I don't want anyone messing with the overall look.  Goofy, I know....retail probably isn't the best place for someone like me.  Mr. Miller gets a little upset with me.... his line stays the same "sell that crap"... at least he stays consistent.

don't you agree the overall look is good
black and white, good font, and they all are numbered on one side.

my gathering of vintage ladies love their new setting

The product itself is also wonderful.
One good thing about being the sole buyer - I only buy what I like and want to use in my own home....oh, and it has to be display-able.... anyway,  it works for us at the Barn. 

check out the case...the lining and the mirror.

Alright back to work.... more play time at the Barn today.
I had hoped to get some more planting done but the rain is going to have to move on out.
Too much lightning!!

At least with this rain I can work on loading more product to the website.  I had hoped to get more done but my pictures didn't turn out.  I don't know what happened the day I shot the photos ??? .... it's always something...  try and try again, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

I worked in a fun store awhile ago that sold this product. We couldn't keep it in stock! It's wonderful and the packaging lends itself to great decorating. Which you have accomplished! I'm chuckling at your husbands 'take' on NFS. Hey, it's a "girl" thing...don't mess with all my hard work!!

It's WINDY here (crazy) but the weather guys keep saying it's going to be hot this week. We shall see. I wish for YOU some dry and sunny days!