Saturday, May 14, 2011

set your table

Vintage love at the Barn.
This is the time of year we are planning graduations, receptions, showers and just plain ole' dinner parties with friends.  Let me show you some fun goodies to help your table look fabulous with a little bit of paper.  Yep, you heard right....PAPER.

The table cover....large over sized silverware printed on recycled paper rolls.

The paper is also shown hanging from my tree over the table.

How fun is that

Of course, I have so much stuff on the table it is hard to see, but it is the funkiest paper table cover EVER.  Trust me.

mix in some great linens....
funky silverware molds...

paper rosette cake plate servers... set your yummy treats right on the paper and then throw when it's time to clean up.

paper place mats....

more fine linens

paper menu sheets

Rainy and cold. cold. cold.
They say sunshine next week.... hopefully.

One good thing, it's a good day to shop.
See you at the Barn.
~ L


Vintage Market Place said...

oh i just love the printed silverware stuff.
I just created silverware book place settings that are getting eaten up by boutiques.
it is definitely the hot thing for brides this year!

Anonymous said...

I really like the silverware hangings! Haven't seen them anywhere before!

Have I mentioned that I love your store?


Unknown said...

The silverware mold is my favorite!
Thanx for sharing! Tiff