Friday, May 27, 2011

vogue boutique

Busy week again, I can't believe it's already the end of the week.

Big news.

A couple of things actually, the Vogue Boutique is up and running.  I know I have been talking about it since January, so I hope you are as excited as I am.  Second, the new website is finished...well, up and running, but still a work in progress.  I told you a busy week.... and then some.

I first had to strip down and move all the product from this area, and then free hand a couple of vogue lady silhouette's.  I didn't have a vogue stencil, but a 5 letter word, one letter at a time, how hard can that be.

hang a shelf high....

get some Vogue "glam" shots

move a couple things into place.... done for the night... good enough to open the shop in the morning, and a good days work completed....

the next day back at it for some finishing touches...

I love these big spools for jewelry display

kind of puts you in the mood...
-image is everything

new blog button....

how fun is that!!

Have a safe and glorious long Holiday weekend.
I will be busy loading product all weekend ~L


Amy said...

Your selection of goods is amazing Lori.
There is so much to choose from.
I would love to shop there!


Congrat's Lori on the new website, I will be checking from time to time, I am sure I will find something I just have to have. Hugs Mary

Anonymous said...

Now that you know by sight the fraudulent designer, shadowing her next barn visit should be sufficient enough to scare her tactless motives off. Shame on her and kudos to you for exposing her.