Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello sunshine


Good morning.
Sorry for my gloomy post last night.
I must have been tired.

Today is much better...although, it is grey and SNOWY -
big time snow outside today.

bright inside though!!

I am getting all kinds of on-line orders the past few days.
I love it!!

If you don't see something on the on-line shop Just email me...
or call...or Facebook.

All of the above gets you a fun package of goods right to your door.
From blog post - to - doorstep!!
I bet you didn't know it be so easy.

Ms. M shops every Saturday ...
and sometimes on Wednesday too!!

Stay bright and cheery!!
Think Spring.

Lori  ~ RBPCo.


mitchiesmom said...

Everyone who is far away from you should order!!! Lori is amazing and so helpful and sweet!! Love me some Round Barn Potting Boxes!!!!

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

Yep. yep. yep.

we ship in a fun box so your order is a gift to yourself delivered right to your door.

your hearts desire...

you see it in the blog and if it is available I can ship it.