Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spooky Halloween ...

I love doing Halloween at the Barn.

I swear it takes me longer to get the perfect backdrop and webbing, as it does to create the entire vignette.  It is SO SO SO much fun !!  In past years I have focused on my Rats, my Crows and my Witches, but this year it is
 The Year of the Spiders !!

signage is always important.
the KEEP OUT sign fits in perfectly!!

A couple years ago I found a vintage Elm Street sign....Oh I wish it was still here.

I have many different spiders that you will LOVE !

Furry ones, Brown stripe ones, White print fave ... and black ones...

these come in 3 sizes .... Super cool.

.."what about us....I guess we are chopped liver this respect....I am out of here "

The Crows are pretty special. Don't forget about the crows !!

They are resurfacing the parking lot this week....drats.
We are still open - you just have to park on the side street.
I think they will be done on Thursday.   

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