Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hand crafted

Not since the 80's has the words Hand Crafted been the in thing.
With the economy and the whole green thing going on, hand crafted is the push right now. I truly love my local artists and I believe that my Barn could not have the unique look it has without them. My crafter's knit, not only scarves, but mittens and hats as well. They make pillows and dolls and canvas and art and they are truly inspirational to us all. Now - if only I had time for my own designs.... someday. In this post I am featuring the art by my friends Sue Wolfe, Renee Ellena and my new friend Sue Abramowski.

Angels - Renee Ellena


$92 each

Sue Wolfe Designs

Sue Abramowski designs
- various prices

Renee Ellena

decorated clips and twine to hang your Christmas cards or photos

Tuesday is the last day of November.
Oh my, do I have to get busy.
It is time for a POWER list.
Only 6 days until the home tour. When 100's of women and men, well mostly women.... 1-2 men will come through and I can never tell if they are happy to be escorting the Mrs. or if it is a pay back thing. One year, Mr. guest stayed out front and shoveled snow for me. We had a ton of snow that year. All of my pots and outdoor vignettes were buried... oh jeez
Not done. Not done. Lots to do...oh my!
Deep breathe. make the list...


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Love everything! Just beautiful!

Flora Doora

sandra lee said...

These sweet angels are amazing!!! I too love the "homemade treasures" and try to support local artists whenever I can. Happy Sunday!

countrycharisma said...

LOL! I know the feeling...everything is beautiful, talent filled, inspiring... Have a blessed week getting ready.

The Whistle Stop said...

I know the feeling! You'll do it! What you don't get done, know one will ever know... they'll just know it looks beautiful!

Junk Girl said...

You're killin' me! The previous post also. You have made my decision...I am redoing my Christmas tree with ornaments in those lovely!

Wish I lived closer!