Monday, November 15, 2010

Let it Snow

The other day I think I had asked for a little dusting of snow.
Well we got a little more then a dusting.
It came fast and hard and it was wet.
It was the kind of 10 hour snow storm that you really enjoy if you are home and watch from the warmth of your cozy house. Unfortunately, I had to drive to the hospital and then drive back across town (45 - 50 miles round trip) to the Barn. Yuck. Slipping and sliding the whole way. Then, when I finally did make it home 9 hours later, I found my beloved boulevard tree out front damaged from the weight of the snow. One of the very large branches that shades the left side of the yard.... with my big metal chandelier, oh dear.... did I do this... was broken off AND a portion of the side of the tree came with it. He is a beautiful maple only 10 years old.
Oh my. I feel terrible.
Mr Potting Co didn't say anything about the heavy chandelier...bless his heart. The snow itself was SUPER heavy, but no other trees in the neighborhood were damaged. Ugh.

...just a dusting

... back to a more whimsical side of things, Christmas at the Barn

the story behind this tree...

This section of the Barn is the gourmet foods / kitchen area. When planning for Christmas I save this area for the Reds and Whites... I try to go traditional but I tend to end up more whimsical every year. Last year, at the end of the season, I sold my sweet little white flocked tree and forgot to buy another. So, I had to make do with what I had.... the carcass of LAST years Christmas tree (why I saved it????) anyway, I sprayed him white and added tissue paper puffs for his flocking. I gave my friend, Cheryl, the task of adding decor... the look on her face told me that maybe, sometimes only I can see the vision... but in my world he was beautiful, especially after Cheryl dressed him for the show.

I love how she added the tea bags.
She later explained that we had to keep things light because the branches kept breaking... well, we tried.

Silver and Gold
Add a little mercury glass, some pine and some Sue Wolfe art and you've got it going on.

...back to the snow storm. It ended otherwise benign. It was supposed to go all day, all night and then into the next day. We only got the all day stuff and half of it melted down. We have 4.5 months to go... oh boy.
This week we prepare for the Holiday Open House at the store, and at home there will be a flurry of activity as I prepare my house for the Holiday home Tour. We have started taking reservations at the shop and the spots are filling up quite nicely. It's always good to know that all the hard work will not go unnoticed.