Monday, November 8, 2010

Peace. Love. Thank God last week is behind me.
It always amazes me what sells first and how many things completely sell out in the first weekend. The first weekend of November at that!!! Many things I can not reorder. Some I can reorder but they are not available until mid December... some I will reorder and reorder.
Remember the Cherub post I did last week.....
all gone but 2....
I hope the company does speedy shipping I wanted a few for myself.
This vignette is in the front entry AND I love it's simplicity

rusty metal and Mercury glass.... :))))

Back to reality for me which means I'm off to the hospital and then directly to the store.
Jeanne d'Arc Living will be arriving any day now.
New orders have to be placed.
New jewels just arrived and need to be priced.
The store needs to be put back together after the weekend masses.
I hope my elves show up this week.


Jill at Joyworks said...

Hi Lori: We sold some of the exact same things as you. We put it out and it sells. Tis the season. The shop looks great.

Faded Charm said...

So glad you had a great weekend and no wonder you've sold out....everything is amazing!!!

Try to get some rest this week.


Bohemian said...

What a beautiful vignette! You certainly have a lovely way of showcasing your Treasures, it is a feast for the eyes!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

It's so fun to hear from you guys. I can't wait to get more pictures out.

The store is Amazing this year!!

Chrissy said...

Oh man I love the candle holder with the cross...what a great post!! All the best,Chrissy