Monday, November 1, 2010

... a winter wedding

November 01
We have seen snow once so far this fall, but nothing has stayed.
In fact, my yard is as green as it was on July 4th. Mr. Potting Co. loves his yard....everyday I here "don't drive on the grass" ... my driveway is not the widest. Anyway, there is no snow coming this week, but I hear we are going to get a lot of snow this winter. In preparation for my upcoming Christmas Premiere this weekend, I did a section for those of you planning a winter wedding.... love is in the air.

doesn't this just scream clean white snow and I Love You

peace. love. vogue. - lm

snowflakes ???

much to do today - This Week... one day at a time
1. tear down the Halloween vignette
2. clean that section of the barn
- it's not all glamour and glitz
3. Move all the furniture out... Advil - sore neck
4. bring different furniture and props in ( which means tear up another section of the store)
5. hang new lights / chandeliers
6. put up a tree... or 2
7. string sparkly lights
8. redo things when the damn lights don't work
9. start over - new plan - things just aren't working
- am I crazy... is this fun
10. Start bringing product in.... Advil - sore back
11. stand back in awe as things finally start to happen
OK I'm not crazy any more...
12. it's late now... open a beer
13. clean up mess I leave in my wake for the 20th time
14. work on tearing down next section
- what am I going to do with all this furniture
15. try to formulate a plan for morning
- try to move 10 ft table to other side of the Barn - crazy talk
16. sketch's... more lists... need to stop at Home depot
17. really dark outside now...creepy inside old Barn..time to go
18. remember to grab more beer for tomorrow...
One day at a time
tata ~ L


Faded Charm said...

Lori, this is amazing and wouldn't it be so fun to have a wedding with all this beautiful decor. Why do I know exactly what you're talking about at the end of your post. We must be CRAZY......but we wouldn't be happy if we weren't doing it.

Don't work to hard this week and looking forward to more beautiful photos.


Alba Linea said...

ooooh i loooove all that glitter! thats a thing you cant have enough *smile* best wishes

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*~*Amazing and sooo beautiful!! Hugs,Rachel~*~*

GREG said...

What a great imagination you have Lori,just love your site and ideas.....Greg & Donna