Monday, November 22, 2010

winter garden

Light up the tree!
I Love a winter garden.
I do everything I can to keep summer greens going all winter.
This tree is filled with touches of outdoor growth.

.... both sinks from the garden. I didn't plan on that, in fact, I just noticed that I placed them in the same room.

need art.... how about a basket with a cardboard frame

stuffed with succulents, ferns, birch, cones, sticks, hydrangeas ....
and candles
love the pine cones with the green moss.

these picks are super fun

the coconut liners work for candle holders

now, my sink from my garden at home....

everyone wants to touch them and i caught a few ladies trying to pull them out!!! Ugh

I don't know if you can see the buggy buried here... but it's big and it's old

I put a set of penguins inside

love them

Big ice storm this weekend and more ice and snow today.
I need to recover from the weekend and find time to put the store back together... busy, busy, busy. Thanksgiving weekend.


summersundays-jw said...

Your store, as always, looks amazing. Good luck with the weather & Happy Thanksgiving. Jan

Jennifer said...

Ohhhh - nature, nest, perfect! I just love anything with feathers and nests so this post was a real treat for me and just gorgeous! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the s..n..o..w over there....your pictures are truly beautiful...what talent you have.

Mel's Cabin