French Garden

I really am having a lot of fun with the new product. By the way it is selling, I would say that for those of you that have visited, you are enjoying it to. I have decorated with strands of pearls at my house for years and they seem to be a big hit when I have guests over. So when I found these beauties at market, I knew I had to have them. Love.
The pillows and grey iron lanterns and lamps fit right in with the French Garden market theme I have going on. Just wait......this is only the first two shipments....there are 12 - 15 more on the way.

I think I'll wear pearls darling..............

After the weekend some of this product is already gone....good thing I ordered in quantity.

Don't you love these white urns? Oh, were to put them.... do you buy one or two? Or all three?

This is a fun line of personal care products from the Scrub Your Butt Soap Company. I am featuring it for Valentines day. Bath soaks, shower gels, sugar scrubs and so much more.... 40% off while they last.

More Valentine goodies

New pots are also arriving daily

Love this one....

New mittens....yes, we are still in the need for mittens

Annual Hand bag SALE ... 25% .... all bags! We have sold quiet a few.... a little sale never hurt anyone. Most of my bags I buy in single quantity. I like the individuality of the of a kind.... so if you had your eye on a bag.... keep in mind it is the only one we have.

Fossil, Fifty four by Fossil, Hiedi Comfort & Maruca Design

As always... stay warm. L

Vignette anyone....

I arrived at the store early on Wednesday because a sales rep was supposed to come by at 10 am and I had fresh boxes to unpack. I was excited because the shipment, all though only partial, was from one of my favorite vendors... I couldn't wait to dig in. I woke up that morning with the vignette already pictured in my mind. This product was going to be perfect, along with my new flower pots I had just brought in. The unpacking went well. Everything is brand new to the store.... oh I love it all. The rep was late and wanted to hang out..... they just don't realize that I cram 18 hours of work into an 8 hour day. It was easy to go through her product... not much for me.... I know what I like and I am good at sorting through the stuff that isn't for me and my Barn. It amazes me that these people get paid to sit and watch someone else sit and page through a catalog.... crazy. It is my least favorite part of the job and I am learning that I don't like to do business this way... mental note to self - no more reps with catalogs.
Unpack. Clean up the boxes and the packing mess. Sort and Price. Then the original vignette needs to be torn down and a new home for all of that product needs to be found. With this vignette I also needed to take down the suspended window I had hanging from the ceiling....drag out the big ladder.... take down the lights....clean up the mess.

Finally the fun begins..... once again I had a need to hang things from the ceiling. I bought this old chair frame....bed springs attached... from my friend, Jane. Love at first site. I new immediately this was mine...NFS.

After many trips up and down the Big Ladder the chair was just for some more fun things... an old chippy black frame and a great frame made from stacked cardboard and! Of course a little bit of burlap wont hurt the effect. Really getting my moneys worth out of the Big Ladder. (my ladder's name is "the Big Ladder")

Now for some product... an old piece of gate, a new iron mirror, a burlap tablecloth and my new wire mats.... a start.
The remainder of my Vagabond product. Glass cloches in three sizes with cork tops. Cloth and leather French storage bags. Vintage wooden pots. Metal pots. Well, you get the picture.....

I wish you were here..... more to do.... L

Fresh start

Oh, the signs of life .... it is such a rush to see the fresh green sprouts, after months of frozen tundra. Don't get me wrong, I love fresh falling snow. Clean, crisp and White. In between snow falls, is when it starts to look dirty and lifeless. That is when I crave those cute little sprouts.....a fresh start, and Yes, I have spring fever! Green Food.

Tulips and Daffodils and so much more.....

Throw a pot here and there for a fresh start on your spring / winter vignette

Oh my.....

New stuff arriving daily from my Atlanta trip. Check out the wire baskets, wire mats and vintage wooden pots.

New Pillows

Love. Love.


Stay warm....we're having a heat wave today. It was 16 degrees at 6am.... above zero - if you can believe that! I think the Uggs can stay home and my cute tennies can make an appearance today. :0) L

Winter has left the building

I, for one, can not sit around and wait on the weather. Who cares if it is the 16th day below zero - not counting the wind chill - and everything including the birds are frozen. Here at the Pottin' Co. old man winter has left the building. My new goods from Atlanta are arriving daily and the place feels warm and cozy and darn right spring-like.
I feel like I have been neglecting all of you because I haven't done a post with some new vignettes in a while. I had mentioned the loss of my camera....well, I finally purchased a new one. What an ordeal. Every time I decided on a certain model ....after playing with it and Bonding....I would be told "oh sorry, we are sold out of that model." I don't know about you, but with me, my time is my most precious commodity. I only allotted 1/2 an hour to purchase the new camera, not 3 hours....ugg. Well, I was determined and I finally did it - my new baby is an Olympus Stylus 1030 SW. Now, I just need to find time to read the 84 page instruction manual.... :o( .Here is a peak at some of my new creations and some of the new product.

This wicker line is that great aged soft grey color....

Love is in the air.....

Who loves ya baby.....

I got you babe....

note the snail....I love this little fella.

Slate dipping bowls with French pics and words....

bread, oil, cheese, wine, candles.....what more do you need...olives?

bring on the greens..... just a touch

I found a pair of these corbels....or I should say, they found me. Perfect condition and paint

Thanks for stopping. I hope you had fun. L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...