small business Saturday

Love the green color of this little tree.

Small Business Saturday was a HUGE success at the Barn, and I want to thank everyone.  Not only for yesterday, but for every day, every time you visit. 

Thank You. Thank You.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend. 
I am trying to paint my stairway that goes upstairs... the only problem is that someone needs to either go up or come down... including the dog. 
After that, it is Christmas decorating at the Miller household.  The home tour is only a week away and I have much to do to prepare.  If only I could manage a day off....

Time to run...


feed the birds

Getting ready for Turkey day.

I love Thanksgiving.
Good Food.
Rest and Relaxation.

This is a little area at the Barn that reminds me of a back woods cottage.

the pencil trees are kind of fun

and my little hand carved birds are adorable

tweet. tweet....
befriend a flock - feed the birds.

Still lots of room for our annual Holiday home tour.

If you are on the email list watch for Vintage Black Friday and Vintage Small Business Saturday deals.
Thanks again for supporting your local small businesses.  With out your support we could not stay open.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

~ L

tales of Wilma ...

Tales of my sweet Wilma...
Ashley found the perfect vintage bracelet to adorn her neck.

I found her in a basement of a shop in town, Hunt & Gather.  It is a unique place where one goes with no purpose in mind... then, if you are lucky, you come home with a Wilma.

A unique treasure all for yourself.

I hope my guests think of the Barn as such a place. Some where to come for inspiration, with no purpose but to find a unique treasure for yourself or your home.

My last post, I ended with this teaser and mentioned it was coming ... my glitz table.
I just didn't realize that it would be 430 in the morning when I sat down to babble.

You know how it goes...the dog needs to go out... I didn't look at the clock.... I passed my computer... end of story.  Bathroom, brush teeth, make coffee, start typing... actually, I sat for an hour first with pen and paper sketching and making a list for the home I am staging for Christmas. Then I sat down at the computer... crap, it must have been 330-ish when I got up.

Metals. Silvers. Pearls. Glass. Wilma.

I knew when I found my pearl trees and this fun mix of metals I was on to something GOOD for this years Christmas. 
 I added the trees to the on-line shop but they wont be there for long.

The mercury glass trees came in 3 sizes... they are shorter then the typical trees I have found but really catch your eye. 

Love my glass mixture this year.... a little bit different then the average.

Love my pearls.

Happy Sunday everyone!
We received our first snow fall yesterday. 
 I'm not sure, but I think it was enough to stick around....
Eek, and so it begins...

~ L

Winter wonderland

We don't have snow yet BUT it is coming.

It was so cold yesterday...  I think it is here to stay.  Really, I can't believe I am saying that because it is hardly below freezing AND we will get much colder.... I am in for trouble...

The Barn is toasty warm and we are ready for our Holiday Open House this weekend.  I have all kinds of wonderful treats in store for all of my guests.

This is part of the main room when you start your tour of the Barn. 
It features my sparkle.

Really, it is a wonderful blend of white, blue, metals, birch and sparkle.

I don't know how many guests have asked to buy my tree with all of its fixin's

check out the large mercury glass garlands
1 left... I think

I love this Vintage aqua color this year.
In fact, I am doing this color in my kitchen this year.
So if you are coming on the home tour.... you will see the fun.

metal. glass. sparkle.

This shot is a peek at what is to come on my next post.

The home tour is filling, however, we have plenty of room if you haven't reserved your spot.  Stop in or give us a call. 763.427.5321


I have updated the online shop in the seasonal catagory.
I had planned on getting more done but my computer has been out of commission for the last 3 days...
I can't add everything because things sell out so fast at the Barn, but I will keep working on adding items.  Remember, if you see it on the blog, there is always a chance you can call and we can possibly ship it out.

See you soon.

~ L

pre-holiday splash of RED

Although many of the silvers and more subtle colors are popular for the Holidays, that splash of red is the most dramatic.  We did Red in the entry when you walk in....

take a look...

my friend Laurie Bouta made the sign.

The lantern...uh-la-la a touch of snow and a red ball. Perfect-o

French inspired Santa, artist Renee Ellena

love the baskets...
I ordered twice as many as I thought necessary, 4 left at last count...

a blooming Holiday fiesta

more wonderful art by Laurie Bouta

my Santos Angel center stage...

I am super busy at the Hospital and the Barn this weekend, so I am going to leave you with this.  We are having a flash back of summer weather.... 60's anyway.  Pure heaven... although, I do think the girls like to buy Christmas when there is a nip in the air. 

I should be putting up trees and lights out front at my house... the home tour is right around the corner... maybe tomorrow.  What fun is it anyway when you're not freezing your butt off....

See you at the Barn


the tradition.... the Holiday Home Tour

Every year the barn hosts a Holiday Home Tour.

We have been getting calls like crazy at the barn so I thought I would send out a little info.

You are all invited to attend the
5th Annual Round Barn Potting Company
 Holiday Home Tour

Saturday, December 03
12 pm - 5 pm

Please call ahead to reserve your spot.
We allow 20 - 25 guests each half hour.
There are ten half hour increments to fill but they are going fast.
$10 fee per person.
3 homes will be decorated and part of the tour this year.
(yes, mine will be one of them.... but we have 2 new - fabulous additions this year)
20% discount on Barn Holiday items

After you register and reserve your spot you will want to come to the Barn before your scheduled time and get your map.  Please wear a light coat or leave your coat in the car because there is no coat check. Also, wear small slip on shoes, you will be given a bag and will need to slip off your shoes and carry them through out the homes.

A light refreshment will be offered at each home and at the Barn. You can spend as much time exploring in each home, before heading to the next destination .  The barn will be open extended hours for after tour shopping and I will offer our first sale of the Holiday season to tour goers only.

.... we ask no cameras please



and so it begins...

The holiday season at the Barn is officially underway.

With the opening weekend behind me I can start to relax. 
Well maybe...
At least I can slow down and move on to other things.  I need to start a new list, for sure, maybe two...

love the juxtaposition
pearls, rock, glass, rusty metal and cement

 these will be so pretty with a flickering candle

my pearl garland is also a treat
AND look at the blue glass ball

....egads, how to choose

peace and love

Believe it or not I don't have all of my product out yet.  For those of you who made it through, commenting on how much there was to look at.... well, more is coming out.

This week we will finish unloading the storage areas and unbox the product just arriving.  And I will start making some fun goodies for the Barn that I have had on the back burner for a month.  I also have to get going on my house for the Holiday home tour.... I told you I needed to start a new list.

Sign up for the tour started this last weekend.

More info on that soon.


Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...