my Danish Lovelies

Look how well my Angel mouse and skinny cat get along.
Tis the season I guess.

We giggle like little school girls when this vignette is done.
who doesn't love little hand-made ornaments and toys.

....and the Owls.... and pixies... and pigs

... and ... what did the fox say !!!

limited quantities 

Advent calendars.... Love!
It will be so much fun to stuff the little pockets with toys and treats

Angel mouse.... eek

I hope you can make it out.

These guys are easy to ship... hint, hint.

The Christmas Premier Nov. 9 - 10
Holiday open House Nov. 23 - 24

Remember:  if you are into AFTER Halloween deals... I don't have anything on the sales floor after Nov. 2. So the deals will be NOW 60% off

sparkle - it's that time of year again

Happy Monday.

It is going to be a super busy week.  My list's are smokin'....
As far as the Barn goes, you all know I have layers upon layers of smalls.  So when a table or a buffet sells ... while I am trying to set things up for Christmas.... Holly Cow. ... Yesterday, 2 large pieces went out right at closing..... !!!

Will I be going in early....YES !

This is the week that I scramble to get the Barn flipped to everything that Sparkles

... and it is a very Big Barn.

love pearls with winter greenery.

Catch Up :
we are continuing the sale that we started during our fundraiser
Handbags ...all 40% off
Scarves 20% off ...even the ones that just came in !
Fall goods 40%
Halloween ghouls 50%

So while you stock up on sale goods and get first pick of my Christmas finds, I will be working the floor setting up as fast as I can !!!

Jeanne d' arc news :
11th issue - pre Christmas coming
issue 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 still available (a few issues each)


Doing this fundraiser has been a fabulous experience.

To witness the generosity.... let me just say ...

dark gray with pearls. 

eye candy.

Now that I have finished with the Fundraiser I will be moving on.  This week I am doing the Green Valley / Vintage Marketplace event.  I have some fabulous French Vintage Christmas items going out.  It is a 2 day event Friday and Saturday.... of course with set up and tear down we are talking about 5 days worth of fun. ... and then there is the Barn to get ready for all the Holiday events...

oh boy.

Don't forget the Jeanne d'Arc Nov issue will arrive any day now...
the next 2 issues are all about Christmas

See you soon

Help us help them

We are teaming up with Hope 4 youth 
There are over 700 homeless youth in our area and the Barn is trying to do our part... raise money, raise awareness and raise donations for winter survival.

Yes, winter survival ! The H4Y organization is not an over night facility.

We are asking you donate hats, gloves, mittens, scarves etc.

HOPE 4 Youth wants all youth to feel safe, valued, and supported while reaching their full potential. This begins with meeting their basic needs and leads to giving them the tools to thrive.

we will give you a $5 coupon for your donation
many items on sale for your benefit - we appreciate you coming
we will donate a portion of our proceeds from the 3 day event.

We all benefit from the comforts of home, but not all have this luxury.
Please come and help us help them.

Share and feel good.
It can be a celebration.
Hope is the Key.

See you soon.
Lori - RBPCo.

I heard the snow is coming

Talk about rainy days and Mondays...
how about rainy days and Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday...

Oh boy, enough all ready. 
Yesterday everyone shopping was talking about the snow that was coming. It did not hit us...not even a flake, but it was cold and damp. It has basically been cold and rainy for a week.  Ugh.  I guess it has me in the mood to get going for winter vignettes.  Hence, the cute snowy penguins...all dressed in birch bark...


With there sugared beaks....they are so sassy.

they seem to be all amiss about all the people walking around the shop today....
one little girl even called them seagulls...the nerve !!

I found these metal numbers !! They look great on the tree !!

I hope you enjoyed my first glimpse of winter. It is going to be a fabulous Holiday season. I am doing an event in a couple of weeks, which will take me a way from the shop for 4 days during my transition week to flip the entire shop from Fall / harvest / Halloween over to Christmas.  It is really throwing me off...but, you must adapt to the time table and move forward...

That is why I am starting so early.

Shop news !!
We are doing a Fundraiser event next week.

The Fundraiser to help raise 
for the homeless shelter for teens in our county.
Hope 4 Youth
There are 700 homeless teens in our county alone !!
The shelter is trying to raise funds to open an over night addition....
Right now they have nothing and they are forced to close the doors at 7 pm !!
In Minnesota !! The kids have to leave at 7 pm.


So we are asking you to bring a winter survival item or Load !!
Hats, mittens, Gloves, scarves....any thing to help keep them warm.

Hope for Youth will be at the Barn during the Event.

Thurs - Saturday
Oct 24 - 26
regular Barn hours

You will get a 5$ coupon if you bring a donation
Plus we will have tons of goods on sale at the Barn.

We will also donate a portion of our proceeds from the entire 3 day event. 

Please come.
Please tell your friends.
Please donate.
A porta-potty is not a bed !!
You should not be late for school; because your hair was frozen to the ground.

pumpkins - U pick

Don't you love this time of year.
Pumpkins and gourds. The temperature is falling...the sweaters are coming out.

The oranges and yellows and Browns !!!

We have some fabulous seasonal pillows!!

Burlap backs and feather inserts... do I have to say more.

Look at these cuties

Polka dots !!

I don't know if it is just me, But I Can Not believe it is already the fourth day of October. 

Wasn't it just June...

The October / tenth issue Jeanne d' Arc Living issue has arrived.

Customers already asking about Christmas goods !!
Good Golly. No wonder I feel like time is flying by.

See you soon at the Barn.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...