the Santos

I was lounging on the couch at home, watching Homeland, and grabbed my camera.  

My Santos corner looked inviting to share....

I have three Santos angels clustered on this table.
One has wings, one has an elaborate paint job and the other is just a bust.

all superb.

This is Sheldon, my Swedish sheep...  oh. so. cute.

....and this is Bella, our sweet hound, she was also lounging on the couch with me.

love the couch !

Some Halloween fun ...

Be glad it's not your head on the platter...

My creepy butler is so cute.

I've done the withches legs for years....
you never get tired of them in the Urn.

Love the Halloween goods
my rats in the buckets are my Fave

Wouldn't these be Fabulous in the guest bathroom.

Barn news:
Parking lot paving cancelled last week...on for today.

We are open.
You just have to park on the side street.

New Jd'Arc issue to arrive any day
October, issue #10

Fall and Holiday hours we are open daily !!

Welcome 2 new Barn girls
Katie and Kate

see you soon
Lori - RBPCo.

More spooky Halloween...

More Halloween ... can you stand it !!
We have lots of fun smalls for tasty treats...

the treats have got to be here somewhere...
"mine, mine, mine..."

I love the rats with their funny little pink toes.

many different Crows... 
and you know me... I am drawn to anything with book print or news print.

It's funny when I look at these pictures....just taken last week... how many things are already gone !!

BUT we have tons left so come on in !!

I'm one of the furry ones....I would love to infest your home !!!

Open Daily... now with a new parking lot !!!

Lori - RBPCo.

Spooky Halloween ...

I love doing Halloween at the Barn.

I swear it takes me longer to get the perfect backdrop and webbing, as it does to create the entire vignette.  It is SO SO SO much fun !!  In past years I have focused on my Rats, my Crows and my Witches, but this year it is
 The Year of the Spiders !!

signage is always important.
the KEEP OUT sign fits in perfectly!!

A couple years ago I found a vintage Elm Street sign....Oh I wish it was still here.

I have many different spiders that you will LOVE !

Furry ones, Brown stripe ones, White print fave ... and black ones...

these come in 3 sizes .... Super cool.

.."what about us....I guess we are chopped liver this respect....I am out of here "

The Crows are pretty special. Don't forget about the crows !!

They are resurfacing the parking lot this week....drats.
We are still open - you just have to park on the side street.
I think they will be done on Thursday.   

Random - Newbies

No Photos please...
Some things are not meant to be shared.
New cast iron sign.... Love

this one has been popular... I love it on the guest bathroom door... LOL

Hand crafted ...vintage flair pumpkins.

love the stem and the tag.... too fun

we have a few copies left.

Some fun handbags just arrived.
great fall colors !!

cross-bodies and the clutch 

these are so fun layered with your other fun bracelets or alone...

fun masks for Hallows eve


the Round Barn Potting Company tee's

You can't go wrong with this on your door or in the entryway.

Fun boxed matches

Also just in , hand crafted by my friend Renee.... if you've been waiting ... they are here

stay tuned for more Halloween posts coming at the end of the week.

you can't go wrong with this one.

Thanks for stopping.

Lori - RBPCo.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...