10 foot Harvest Table

I absolutely LOVE this time of year. It is getting cooler outside and the fall colors are upon us...which means...break out the sweaters and the boots!!!! Lets change our decor! Start nesting! Bring on the Fall Colors!
Love, Love, absolutely Love!
I mentioned earlier that I found a 10' harvest table. I just realized that I never posted pictures. Ugh! I have already had to turn it over once because everything sold....here is the second rendition.
The planks are raw and beautiful, the nail heads rusty and exposed, it is narrow and sits a little lower to the ground then a normal table. PERFECT for display. Perfect for a large room.
.... I could go on and on.

easily holds the double washtub

I started with many, many boxes and I still have a few left.

Love my busted up Urn.

...this little piggy went to the round barn potting company...
~ later L

I made the Press ~ lori miller vintage design

My cards made the paper!! Star Tribune ~ Home and Garden section!!
I am very flattered that Kim Yeager, coordinator H&G, would take notice and write about the new line. What really blows me away though, is that they are selling!! I have already sent for my second order. Who would have thought!?

Individual cards, more then 20 designs. $2.25 each

Gift packed - $6.95 / 5 cards.
For that special gift you might need for those who love vintage finds.

book fetish

LOVE Books. Covered, uncovered. Distressed, faded, torn and tattered. LOVE.

Lately, I can not get enough of them. I feel a need to put them in every vignette. All over the store and at my house. My husband, and possibly some of you, think I'm off my rocker....but I am obsessed. I know you have noticed them in previous pictures in previous posts but this is my latest "book - ing"

can you stand it...

Well, am I crazy...or do you love them too!

Jeanne d' Arc Living ~ In ENGLISH

I don't about you, but I was a little hesitant to order the English version....I like my JdA printed in Danish! I like using my imagination with the wonderful photos....However, I just looked through and read some of the September issue. OMG
You'll love it! The photos are great as always....here is a peak.

My order I placed is still pending?? Should here about shipment date soon...I hope.
Come in to grab your copy!

I still have openings for the painting classes
Thursday, October 01 & 08

Creepy ~ Halloween ~ Barn style

Halloween\ n : the evening of October 31 observed esp. by children in merrymaking and masquerading.

Halloween ~ Barn style : observed by adults and was celebrated this last weekend here at the Potting Company. Thank You all for attending and when all was said and done, "thank you all for pillaging my displays" ;-)

the ravens were a big hit, perched everywhere you looked

The locks and chains were a great find down in Missouri....I've been saving them since last June!

great pillar candles in black and orange

Nightmare on Elm Street

Road Closed ...do not enter

the signs are finally for sale...

don't you love her...Love

...my over night guests

what a great spider web....chippy, white metal wheel

not many creatures left

so many birds!!!

Mrs. McMeanie

Mr. McIcky

love this vintage chandelier

check out the freaky black hands on the wall

Mr. McIcky's brother

most of the cute pots sold out

Super Creepy

Again, for those of you who made it out, and for those of you who are viewing now, thank you for the oohs ~ aahs and your nice words. It was truly my pleasure to put on the Creep show for your viewing pleasure here at the RB Potting Co. L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...