vintage canvas prints

I don't know about you but I love canvas wall art. I am not into the new style picture frames... leave my art open and raw and as is... ART.

Don't get me wrong, I love a vintage frame... that is art in its own self... but right now canvas, unframed, wall art is what I am into.

Wouldn't this one be perfect for the kitchen

 These are my latest Art projects that I have made to be premiered at junk Bonanza... so i am giving you just a peek.

Studio W ... Paris

too fun

... are you seeing the trophies in this shot

I love the vintage books on canvas
20 x 30

vintage clocks and books under glass...
 20 x 30

Louis Vuitton ... Paris
touches or orange

30 x 44

Also just in a couple of fun new books....

OK. That's it for me.

I'll see you at the Barn

~ L

please serve yourself

Monday. Monday.

I think I told you earlier that I had fallen in love with, and ordered some new dishes for the barn.  Colored dishes... not my usual white on white. 

Browns and Blues and Terracotta and rich Tan.... LoVe

they are pure heaven... colors of Fall

I need some of these bowls at my house right now.
Mine are so out-dated... my son moves out soon... I can't wait to pass on all of my old treasures in the cupboard and get some fun new stuff.

of course, I found some white I couldn't live without


this burnt orange.... terracotta is hard to resist

I hope you all are safe and sound after a weekend of severe storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.   

I, for one, can not believe that August is coming to an end...

more to come...

golden boys

I love the colors of Fall.

It's funny, this vignette has only been up about a week... it takes me awhile to get these posts up.. I walked by this area last night and it is already disheveled and picked over... way to go girls!!! I love the way you shop! 

I can already tell that I need to place some RE-Orders because I guessed wrong on a ton of merchandise.  The problem is that the bigger companies have cut back so far on their inventory that when I try to reorder the product is sold out... hate that.

I guess it is wise to shop early and often... 

I am so digging Orange right now

don't you want to take a bite right out of these golden boys

and these the hops

Flea Market Style magazine - just in.
French Atmospheres - j d'Arc Living hard cover book (1 copy left)

... thinking about Junk Bonanza
-the booth
-my look
-do i have enough product
-My Look....
you know I need to be different then everyone else...

~ L

summer smiles

I love August when the sunflowers pop up.

Don't they make you smile


I was driving to the hospital... yes, my real job... anyway, I was driving in and spotted this sweet little clump, gathering, sweet little get together of sunflowers.

I had to snap a few shots and share with you.... so I pulled around the block... what's 5 minutes to spare on this beautiful morning...

Aren't they beautiful.
Yesterday as I drove the same route, I looked for my new found beauties..


The city... or the owner, had mowed the tall grass and the sunflowers too.

So Sad.

At least we had them for a day.


Farmhouse love

Oh my goodness....
I don't know if it is my computer or if it is blogger but loading my pictures is taking forever!!

... and i am not a very patient person.

~ love the black and white chicken pillows
... made by my little ole mum herself  " )

A little Farmhouse goodness

vintage chickens
the last copy New Farmhouse Style

check out this treasure...
it still spins and the weathervane on top has a metal chicken... my picture sort of cut it off.

I was saving this for Junk Bonanza but a customer came in and you know how this story ends... out the door she went.

look at this patina...

I'll be at the store all day today trying to get caught up
much, much to do.

Hopefully I will have time for a few extra posts this week. I am about 3 vignettes behind schedule and my vintage canvas art has arrived .... Ooh la la.... talk about eye candy!! I can't wait to show you those. And we are getting new fun books in... drool ...

like I said lots to do.

~ L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...