...and so the saying goes.... baby it's cold outside!!!
I hear it is only going to get colder. Drats. When it's cold outside, it is freezing in my old Barn.
How many shirts can a girl wear?
December 31, 2009....wow! where has the time gone?
I am happy to say I leave in 5 days.... off to Atlanta!
My annual buying.... get motivated for change.... see what's new out there
....spend money and more money...
trip to Market.
I am so excited!!!
Here at the Barn, in the frozen tundra, I am sticking with the green food to get me through January and February....yikes

lots and lots of green food
Come in and see for yourself. Changes are taking place everyday.
Christmas....what's left of it, is 50% and going fast.
ttfn - L

Because of the cold we will be going back to our winter hours
Closed Mondays


The last few days of the year...may Peace be with you.
(all Christmas 50% off.... yes!)

Holiday Cheer

Don't forget to add that vintage feel to your holiday wine.
I found this paper inside the new handbag I bought....perfect for wrapping the wine bottles...it is soft, frayed and already crinkled.
Love it.
add an old door knob bottle stopper as the main adornment.

...some black ribbon, a glittered letter and a hand made gift tag... all you need is the cork screw
...oh, and a couple of glasses. ;)


With all the last minute shopping, cleaning, cooking and frenzy...don't forget to take time out and enjoy friends and family.

Joyuex Noel

tick - tock ... a Vintage Christmas

Only a few days now...tick-tock. The entire month of December is often a blur, a flurry of activity... cleaning, decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, parties, dinners, eating .... how do we do it??? Four more days....much more to do.
This post is the last of the pics from my house. My main tree was sized down this year, up on the table.... yep, my baby Bella. I even had to get creative and find a container for the gifts, or they all would be toast by now.

my vintage laundry tote holds the gifts in safe keeping

Only a select few ornaments graced the mini tree this year. I ended up with a clock theme for this table, and of course, I couldn't finish without a few of my extra special books.

I thought I would try potting my new mini tree in a pot of dirt..... it did help with stability, but not enough water for the newly cut fella (check picture at the end of post...no good, thank God I only need to make it 5 more days)

love my french birds...from my friend Teresa.

these clock ornaments were a great find this year.... fun. fun. fun.

love my clock parts under glass

and a partridge in a pear tree...

my before tree...lovely

this morning ... yikes, 5 more days...
where, oh where, have the needles gone... all over my table, that's where.
May your next few days be productive
... safe... and filled with good cheer.

Gold is back...

...and so are pearls. Love the pearls. Gold is making a comeback this year also, but not with the traditional gold and red....well, at least not here at the Barn. Gold and White or what I am really into is Gold and Nickle... check it out.

industrial chic with some sparkle

yep, yep, yep

at your service

mix in some things from the garden...add a little burlap...pearls....yep, you have got it goin' on.
baby Bella's first puppy collar fits right in with the decor

Christmas at the Barn
Dec. 15th - 20%
Dec. 21st - 30%
Dec 26th - 50%

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...