Nordic Style Christmas at the Barn

I have been influenced by the Nordic Style of decorating for a couple of years now.
I can not get enough.
Love. Love. Love.
Christmas, this year, has been soooo fun to use this style of decor.
It is everywhere in the Barn and through out my home.
Here are some of the latest treasures at the shop that I know you will fall in love with.

Sorry, I scooped most of these up myself for gifts when they came through the doors.
limited $24.95

Can you Believe how beautiful these are

so simple, so fun.
Created by my friend, Renee, who is not only talented, but is now hooked on and going ga-ga over JDL.

OK, so now I need your help.
We have all fallin head over heals - in love
with Jeanne d'Arc Living.
The company is having difficulty with customs, so both of my last two orders have been officially cancelled - they will no longer be shipping product to the US.
The magazines are still available; however, at an increase in price.
They will now be offered for $35 if I decide to continue to order them.
I know the few folks that I have talked to want the magazine (book), and are willing to pay.
Anybody else willing to pay $35 a copy????
I have to order 20 at a minimum.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

WOW...that would have to be SOME magazine for that price. I have not seen much of the magazine.

WHY if they are having trouble with customs does it make the price greater ? How does that change the situation ?
HOW are you going to get them if they are NOT shipping to the USA ?

Really confused.


lori miller vintage design co said...

Dearest Rose
If you have not seen this magazine (see past posts) you would be in for a treat. It is more like a decorating book then a magazine...hardly any advertising...just a few pages in the back. The whole thing is photos. Beautiful photos. The magazines are coming from Denmark, as was the product, the mags will cont to ship via Fed Ex; however, the co. was eating most of the shipping. The JDL as a whole has become so popular in the US that they are now losing money, therefore, we will have to cover ALL shipping cost....thus, the increase in price. Also, the Euro conversion and the price of the mag itself went up with the conversion to English (until recently the mag was only offered in the Danish language). Product is no longer available until further notice.

I hope I clarified a little.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

It's certainly too bad about the customs issue...hopefully it will be resolved since we're all so in love with the style! Your shop looks wonderful...I'm sure you are having a terrific month! Merry Christimas,

Vintage Market Place said...

I don't know how you keep from not buying it all for yourself.
I so want to come shop!
I love the selection of stockings and I am motivated to get to making some for my home.
Keep these great posts coming!!!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thank did.
I will have to look at the older posts and see this marvelous mag.
Interesting how things like this that are so hard to come by ...are so popular.
I am not a beer drinker...but does anyone remember when COORS BEER was only available out West..and how it was being "smuggled" East by guys driving thousands of miles loading up their trucks and driving back EAST with their precious cargo... LAUGHING !


Barbara Jean said...

Love the believe cones!!

barbara jean

Donna Reyne' said...

I love the magazine..I have all the issues I could get my hands on...I don't mind paying a lttle more for it since I know that every page is filled with amazing wonderments.
Speaking of wonderments...I just found your amazing blog and I am totally hooked!
I placed myself on your list of devotees(followere) and will be back soon and often.
Have a delightful evening...donna

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