Newly found. Just in time for Christmas.
the Santos
They sell as fast as I can present them. Love the Santos.
She is quite tall and stands on a sturdy base.
(sorry, too large to ship)

The metal wings.... Love

This Santos is mounted on a large pedestal base.

The balls shown above are my first items on Sale this holiday season.
Two sizes. Glass.
White. Red. Platinum. Nickel. Gold. Lime Green. Moss Green. Brown.
25% off ~ this week only


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Please tell me the price on the LARGE Santo's, she is so interesting looking.
HOW tall is she ?

Thank you,


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I meant the second one your presented..without wings I believe.


Destiny said...

My friend sells these beauties in her shop and like you said...they sell almost as fast as she gets them!What a nice addition though, right?!

good goods & co said...

Lori-ohmygosh!!! what an incredible shop you have. I own one in Boise and I know this isn't even ok to ask but I'm asking anyway. WHERE?????? Do you go to Market? Dallas???? Thanks, girl, so much for the inspiration--it's been so long since I've felt this way...and I look at a LOT of stores/blogs etc.

Best of luck

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