Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ August

I can't believe August is almost here.
My Birthday it is known at my house.
August means another issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living. I can't wait.
Here are a few teaser shots

I love the mirror in the garden

loads of WHITE
Remember I only get 20 and as of today I am down to 14 copies....
call to reserve yours, 763.427.5321

the numbers have it

More numbers have just come in.
Oval. Blue. Rusty.
What more can a girl ask for.

$5.95 each

A Cascade of RED

I absolutely LOVe when something speaks to me.
The moment I laid eyes on these chairs.
Twelve RED Chairs.
I knew the moment I saw these babies, where they were going in the store, ANd that I had to have them cascading from the ceiling. Don't ask why...when...what the... you just have to role with it.

Love this!

Too fun, huh? And what goes better with red then black and lots of White.

... and some garden

... and some books or course


So if you are looking for a set of 12.... they are here at the Pottin' Company

Lots more to come. I am falling behind on my posts so the pictures are piling up.
Ta - Ta for now ~L

succulent garden

Don't you love succulents?
Don't you love succulents in old sinks.
I haven't posted many photos from the great outdoors. It is summer after all, we need pics of the things happening outside, and my backyard is one happening place.

I cleaned up an area of one of my gardens. Moved the heavy cast iron vintage sink. Bought some rock and moved some rock and wah - la...

aren't they fun

Starting to plan for Fall at the store and for Junk Bonanza.
I just found out my space at Junk Bonanza is one of the premiere spaces next to my friend Jane's of mustard moon
HOW COOL IS THAT ....Oh so much to do.

the bistro ~ deux

The Paris bistro ... dreaming... part two

Pull up a chair and order a glass.. oh hell, order a bottle of your favorite wine. People watch. Relax. Enjoy your summer.

we have lots of vintage metal buckets... my favorite for plants, magazines, wine bottles...

love how the wall turned out.
Sue Wolf art. Vintage chalk boards... etc.

my date!

It's Friday! Guess were I am heading this weekend.
You are right. Sun, wine, food, friends.... I love summer in Minnesota.
I need an outside cafe ~L

the French bistro ~ un (one)

Summer makes me long for the outdoor bistro.
Out on a busy sidewalk... people watching. Whether you are drinking coffee or having a glass of wine. Solo or with a group of friends. That is what summer is all about, being outside...Relaxing.
So I cleared a room/space at the Barn....No, let me clarify, Cheryl, my highly talented friend, sales associate, stylist extraordinaire...Barn Girl.
Cheryl cleared the room for me so I could come in at the end of the day and play.
Oh thank you God for sending me Cheryl
...and what fun I had.
In fact, it took me all week to get all the finishing touches done

The metal mirror works great for a tray.... a few low candles at night... can you feel the romance. Obviously I was going for the wine theme... I must have been ready for the weekend.

under the table we stash the empties....just kidding....

isn't this a fun mantle

I love all that goes "woof"

love the the Sue Wolf on a vintage pan

the rest of the room will be featured in tomorrow's post.
~still unpacking boxes
no air conditioning at the Barn ~ hot

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...