Welcome - simple party staging

I recently hosted a party at my place.

The house was clean....my normal vignetted areas throughout the place were simple.... not over the top (by my standards anyway )...but still I thought I needed a tiny bit of extra staging. 

Something that my guests would remember.
The first key location.... The entry.

As you enter through the front door this is your greeting.

The actual party was out back, poolside and guests were arriving at different times throughout the evening.
A sign was posted outside to please enter without ringing the bell. I wanted some kind of welcome as they entered, incase we were unable to meet them.

welcome my lovelies....

who doesn't stop and appreciate fresh cut flowers...

I am so glad you stopped by....

... you are always welcome,
please send your friends.


THE sale is approaching.
I say THE sale because it is the one and only.... it may be the last...

I will try hard and get before and after shots.

Spread the news... word of mouth is Free advertising!!

Parking will be tricky. You can pull right up next the sidewalks on both sides of the parking lot.

Thursday Evening just 2 hours AND $10 entry fee.
Friday & Saturday No fee - just come and enjoy the goods!!

See you soon.

What's funny is I thought when we announced the sale, that the July sales would end, just the opposite!  Thank God !! Those that will be out of town are shopping now because they know the good stuff will be gone when they get back.  Bless their hearts!

pool side continues

I know you are asking, how big is this back yard?
Really, it is a normal sized lot, I just make use of every square foot.

If I'm not sitting with my feet in the water or under the umbrella on the lounge chairs, I am here with my book or the latest fashion magazines.

This sitting area faces the water...

When my neighbor Roger saw the old sink in one of the gardens he said,  look Lori,  people are starting to throw junk over your  fence.

Herb Garden

yummy sweet basil

this is a trailing rosemary.... he is supposed to creep down...

Relax and enjoy a cup...

one week until the madness hits at the Barn.
I hope you can make the sale.

If you are a Jeanne d'Arc Living lover, the next issue is on the way AND I have a few more issues available on the online shop.... :)

poolside ~ Miller House

And the week goes on.

Nothing much happening here.

It has continued to be hot.
Thank God I have my pool.

After a few hours in the hot Barn it is nice to come home to a cold refreshment and a splash.

love my angel

more blues...

But isn't the red dramatic under my tree

don't look at the neighbors house in the background....
Neon.... good God!

my sweet couple...

... and my sweet Bella.

She's doing rounds making sure we are bunny free....

Barn news:

Please, NO pre sales over the phone.
No... I will not hold items until the sale....
Yes, we are open everyday until the sale, so if the items you want are gone...  NO I will not order more and give it to you for half price....

The sale is 2 days only !
First come - First serve.

So Many Phone calls....

Stay cool.

~ Lori

the sale

oh Boy.

You mention a 50 % sale and the phones go crazy!!!

Again, I am not closing :)
Happy for that... I am kind of fond of my barn and all of you!

But with this much noise I am adding a pre-sale night.

For those of you that don't like the crowds AND those of you who like to see things first.... 
 Thursday 5 - 7pm. 2 hours only.
$10 admit fee.

employees and volunteers will shop Thursday with no fee 

Rose Garden

I love this area.

A simple vignette in my back yard.

I decided, since I have spent a lot of time out back this summer, that I should share some of the splendor.

I love this chair....a hint of green....
I was at a sale and this beauty was already spoken for... boo... but there was a fabulous white chair... same amount of chip and rust... do you get where I am going here... so I approached the nice woman and asked her if she was looking for a chair or a certain color.... to make a long story short... we traded.

I went home with the green one. Sweet score!!

from my back door....

afternoon reading chairs.... usually in the shade by 2 pm
Or the umbrella goes up.

greens and flowers everywhere

the front.... street side is iron fencing and then it flows into a wood - privacy fence in the back

I paired many areas this year with blues and pinks....
love the two together

my pool house

I will post more photos of the back yard as the week goes on.

Barn News:

I am having a sale at the Barn
a two day sale

everything 50% off.

yes, you read it right.... 50%

yes, I am crazy.
No, I am not going out of business.

I am getting nervous as the sale approaches.  I walk through the Barn and think.... I can't sell that for half off... I can't possibly let that go for 50% less.... oh my, what have I started....

We will see. Everything is a learning experience.
Some have said, why didn't you do 30% 0r even 40%....how can you go 50% off ???

I actually don't know.... someone else asked how much admission was I charging? Boy, why had I not thought of that....$5 admission for a 50% sale.... like I said, live and learn.

The sale is a Friday and Saturday.
August 03 and 04
two days only
doors open at 10 am and close at 5 pm.
If ever there was a time for a road trip.... start planning.

I will need a few volunteers for the event if anyone is interested

(some exclusions apply.)


Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ August

The new issue is coming.

I wasn't sure about this monthly publication thing, but I love it.

It seems everyone loves it. I can't keep them around and the online shop sells out as soon as I get it loaded.  I will soon have to start getting 80 copies......

As the say, hit the ground running.... go now and pre-order the latest issue.

I have also loaded a few extra goodies onto the online shop....

get them before they are gone....
As always, anything on the blog photos can be shipped...just email or call me :0)

I couldn't stand to do any more photos because my computer is in slow-mo mode.

Ugh! It drives me crazy.
Doesn't it know I have things to do!!

~ Lori

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...