O Christmas tree

Merry Christmas.


Good morning.
I wanted to share with you my special little vintage tree.

A couple of weeks ago we had the old carpet ripped off the stairs AND took the banister down.  Added some special painting techniques and wa-la my stairway is open and looks like I have old barn wood down.

It is the perfect place to showcase my little tree with his vintage hardware.

You see him as soon as you walk in the front door.

the clock was my dad's... rescued by my sister and then given to me as a gift.


O Christmas tree....
 Merry Christmas everyone from all of us at the Barn.
 Lori, Ashley, Darlene, Marilee and Cheryl.

Thank you all for your support at the Potting Co.

I can't wait to show you what is in store for next year.

See you soon.

outdoor bounty

I love the look of birch with pine.

Actually, birch looks good with just about anything.

I'm getting things ready at home for a 3 day Christmas extravaganza. 3 days of eating and drinking, wrapping and un-wrapping, baking, reading, lounging with movies... and Family. Family. Family.

I am sooo excited.

For now back to my out front bounty...

I love the awning we put up a few years ago ....

like I mentioned in my earlier post, this is a fun extra room to vignette...

our snow is gone...
it is so weird that last year we had around 17 " by now.

I use my galvanized goods all year round.

just about everything gets stuffed with pine and cones

... and vignetted.  My husband was very confused with who was going to drink the beer... someone had to drink the beer that was poured.  And what about the cashews... whole cashews after all... they are not just put out for a photo shoot??? ... what the... who is drinking the beer.

isn't it funny how he thinks.

I hope you are all finding time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Cheers ~ Lori

Enter guests

Good tidings to all.

I only have a few minutes this morning. 
 It is one week before Christmas after all and I am not finished with my shopping. So I will be leaving soon to fill my car with gifts for my family.

I have a couple of photos of my house to share... finally.
This is one side of the front patio... I have many more but I am still having problems with not only one computer, but NOW TWO!!! So, I guess I am lucky to share these...

These photos were emailed to my sister this weekend and then she had to send them back for me to even do this post.  Can you say Frustrated!!

Anyway, above the metal chair is one of my favorites it has many layers of chippy paint from years of love and touch-ups.  I happen to like just the way it is... and who doesn't love an old wheel or two and some chickens...

this side of the patio is a great place to vignette

My Wilbur has a front row seat in the reserved section

a fun street sign in the place of a pillow...

the table set... with beer poured...
the lights below the table give it a fun glow from below as darkness approaches.

Thanks again for stopping, guests are always welcome.
More soon ... I hope.

This week at the Barn 30% off Christmas goods!!!

Cheers, Lori

a new year ~ Jeanne d'Arc Living

A new Year for the ever popular Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine.

* without advertisements
* wonderful heavy paper
* inspiration - Inspiration - InSpiRation

Love this look.... for jewelry display perhaps...

fun recipes

interiors with that great French - Nordic design

don't you love a good mannequin in the room... love the presence of the ladies

numbers are still hot. Hot. HOT.

I saved this one for last.
My personal favorite.

mirrors, statuary and the head.

I have a good collection going myself.
I am a sucker for the vintage head form...

this one I am coveting....

We have had the strangest week here in Minnesota. It has been warm, cloudy and raining... for days it has been raining... for us, this is unheard of.  We don't get rain in Minnesota in December... we don't abandon our Uggs and down jackets and layers upon layers of clothing.  Maybe in March but not in December... It actually is kind of nice Christmas shopping with just a sweater and scarf. 

I know this will change and we will be buried in snow soon, but for now no shoveling for this chick.

Barn News:

We have had a great Holiday Season at the Barn !!

I want to thank everyone who has supported our little local boutique AND I want to offer a

Starting This weekend... Oh my... Tomorrow December 16 th

All Barn Christmas 20% off
Friday - Sunday
~ if you have had your eye on something special... come now 

All Barn Christmas 30% off
Monday - Friday
~ if you don't want to risk it being gone after Christmas.... come now

After Christmas 50% off
~ if you love a bargain and want to dig.... come now

Tell your friends !
Oh and the new Vogue thermal tees are being delivered by Friday !
New colors !

~ L

good morning

Good morning!
It is Friday and I am sure everyone has busy, busy plans for the weekend.
I know I am going to be making lists like crazy....

I always feel I will be ahead of the game because my house is decorated and ready (....home tour last weekend) But oh no... still feelings of being behind schedule.

About the home tour, yes, it is over and yes, it was fabulous AND YES I am excited about how my house turned out.... but I am still having problems with the damn computer.... hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Thank God I had lots of pictures already uploaded...
but I am starting to run out....

cute cabinet ...sold
cute tree ...picked clean

So cute vintage high chair!

We actually have 3 oh-so-cute vintage high chairs right now... one even has a galvanized tray top!!!

It seems that my customer's Can not wait for our before Christmas sale.
 So we are doing an email special 

 Friday - Sunday.

30% off all ornaments!!!

3 days only

Just mention you got the email and the sale is for you!!!
Otherwise, bring in your email or flash your phone....

See you soon.


joys of nature

Don't you love the nature theme at Christmas time or anytime during the winter months?  Especially when you live in the cold snowy climates where everything is white and barren out doors.

It is such fun to bring it inside... and continue to enjoy it all winter.

At the Barn I do huge nature themes in the back... In the front of the Barn I have already shown you my whites and vintage blues with the mercury glass.  In the back.... all garden...

browns, celery green and lots of pine and moss

Lots of fun pictures to share.

I know some of you where expecting Home Tour pictures....
my computer is some how not cooperating with my camera today


so we are off to the Geek Squad...
then I promise I will lock and load. 

The tour was SO MUCH FUN.  I believe we had another successful year....

So please stay tuned.


Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...