Winter Bliss

I can't believe it is nearing the end of January.

With our March-like weather here in Minnesota, I can't believe it is January at all. 
Not that I am complaining. 
I am not a cold, sub-zero fan at all. 
I like this 30 - 40 degree stuff.

The warmer weather is plain winter bliss.
Baking, relaxing, eating.
Thinking good thoughts about Spring.

hello sunshine

looking forward to the Farmers Market

please grow...

this little piggy went to market.

Speaking of market, I did manage to go to the Minneapolis Market earlier this week.  Even though I spent a ton in Atlanta, I managed to find more goods in Minneapolis.


Love this over-sized burlap ribbon. 10 feet long.
Available on line.

The shorter style and the French script ribbon... new!
Love !
Also, available on line.

Happy Friday everyone.

I am going to get busy with my list.

For some reason my list gets longer as the week goes on instead of getting shorter.  Which means I add to the list faster then I cross off.  What is wrong with this picture... what happened to my elves...

I do believe I need a personal assistant...
How can one person have so much to do...

~ L

need a hand...

Friends help friends out. 

Friends watch your back, keep track and lend a helping hand.

That's the privilege of having friends.

Truly, we are here on this Earth for the shortest period of time, we encounter many people on our daily journeys.  Some are just that, a brief encounter, never to see them again. Some, we may not see again but that encounter stays with us forever - molding us somehow.  Then there are those that we meet and we keep close, choosing to allow them to be part of our lives.  It is a privilege to have friendships... friends help out and watch your back.

The hands remind me of my friends gathered around.

I love the hands.

Do you also love the boxes... I obsess over the boxes.

All of these lovelies are fresh off the boat from Europe - including the funky canvas bags

Wilma - made in the USA

Stay warm.

We are having fun... boxes arriving daily.


do you collect...

Isn't it funny how something catches your eye and then all of a sudden you want them all.  You look everywhere for them. You clap your hands and smile when you find one. You snatch it up and you think it is your lucky day. It was meant to be.

This little treasure....

Well, I want to share our little collection, here at the Barn.

They wont last long... sweet little pewter tea pots... and more

gently aged...

all different shapes and sizes.

If you have that French Farmhouse look going at your house OR if you collect one-of-a-kind tea pots. This is your lucky day!! While they last.

I have to decide myself, before they are all gone.

Too fun.

The boxes are rolling in from the Market orders.
Valentine goods are up and movin soon.

Have to run... lots to do...Happy Saturday.


news on the run - Atlanta Market

Don't these stools look inviting?
After 4 days of travel and high-tailing it through market, they looked wonderfully inviting to me.
If you follow the blog, you know that I was in Atlanta for the first of the 2012 shows.  I normally go for about 6 days... thought out, carefully planned days. This year, I didn't think I was going to be able to get time off at my hospital job, so when I did, everything was on the fly.  I was able to be there for 4 days total but two of those days also included travel, so you know how that goes.
...keep movin, don't sit down and don't look back...

I actually planned on not doing too many orders, just trying to see as much as possible in that short of a time period. But with the help of my mom and my sister, we placed a ton of orders...
my cc is still smokin'

I didn't get a lot of pictures... I actually think that cameras are not allowed.  I did sneak a few pictures to put on the blog and you can see my eye is drawn to the vintage vignettes...

I carry this line of French soap at the shop so after placing an order they also agreed to a picture.

another perk, when you go to market, is you get to touch and feel the quality of everything.  I am a touchy-feely kind of gal.  This is a fun industrial cabinet I found for my son's room... love it.

yes, Christmas and Halloween were on my list...
my Christmas for 2012 is going to be out of this world!!! A little of this and a little of that... mix it all together at the Barn and OMG... even tho. Christmas just ended ... I can not wait for next year.

We ran across room after room of fabulous goods!!!

I did get loads of blues but also one of my favorites... orange

Now that I am back I have so much to get going on.  I have aready received emails that things are shipping... time to get things cleaned up at the Barn and get the new product on the floor.


back in Blue ...

I am obsessed right now with the color blue.
At Christmas I did Vintage Aqua in my kitchen and on one of my trees. I mixed in a ton of white and blue dishes and used a lot of silver and other mixed metals.  Since then, I can not get enough of the color.

I told my mom, when I go to market, we are going to be in trouble because the Barn will be transformed into a sea of blue when the product starts rolling in.  Lately that is all I see, my eye is drawn to it.

So when I redid this little spread at the Barn last week.... I couldn't help myself.

Even the curtains.... I had saved some old packing paper... because of the color... love it. But why not use it for curtains, it's cheap and looks awesome.

tweet. tweet.
feed the birds.

Euro bottle drying rack

funky vintage colander... perfect color blue

again... perfect color blue...cylinders included

the pan.. I almost died when I found this beauty

moss rolls with wood chips

Vintage Olive buckets
from Europe
I can't believe how fast these sell, but then again... love them.

funky script ribbon rolls
another look at the moss roll

I am thinking that I have to put my name on these beauties if they are still their, at the Barn, when I get back from Atlanta. They look good in this vignette but I think they will look even better at my house.  It is so hard to find vintage accent pieces if you are looking for a certain color or patina.

Since my computer sat at the geek squad over the Christmas holidays, I never did post photos of my house.  Because we are all SO over the holidays I am not going to go there.... But, I want to show you the color I am talking about.

Vintage Aqua

My tree and my dishes... and then I had to make my own wine bottle labels.  I couldn't find the right color at the wine shop... so why not make your own.  They actually turned out super cute. 

Aren't they fun.

I hope this post tides you over until I get back.
I will give full report and have pictures of the Atlanta Market as soon as I get home.

I still have not got my photo editing program up to speed. I can't put my photo signature on the pictures... Ugh, always something. So I expect everyone to play nice, No sharing without permission... thanks, I know you all understand.

ta-ta ~ L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...