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The second round of Tee's are in.
(actually, more like the fourth but I forgot to post about them)

The first round sold so well I added some new colors...

The long sleeve thermals are now available in pink, grey, white and black. 

They are all printed in a fun Gray ink

Small, Medium, Large and XL

They look fabulous on and layering them with a jean jacket or scarf is super fun.  (...or with loads of jewelry like I do...)  They hug your curves so if you like a loose fit order up.

(also available in tanks and V neck tee... not shown)
Unfortunately, I can't load them to the web shop without my editing program (soon) so if you are in a hurry you will have to call the Barn 763.427.5321

spread the word.



mary pernula said...

What is the price of the shirts please let me know!!! Hugs Mary

Jana Johnson Label said...

It is quite an honor to be in Romanatic Country. I'm sure you'll be next and get a full deserve it! I hope we bump into you in Atlanta. We have a night appt with Creative Co-op on Thursday and night appt with Peacock Park on Friday. Try to find us if you are in the same area. There is so much to cover that we have to work into the night... I'm so excited to find new things.

Martha said...

The T-shirts are Awesome! Can't wait to see what you do in 2012...a big year for you as your grow! Blessings for success and happiness!

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