spooky dinner

More spooky Barn photos.
Isn't this a fabulous picture....
the web, the spiders...big guy and little guy...and my red eyed mouse.


dinner party...
the table is set AND it looks like the food is gone!!

Mr. Creepy Butler

look at all the little guys....

crunch. crunch. crunch.

look at his little toes

Now that October is right around the corner, the Halloween product will be consumed fast.  We have so much fun with it at the Barn, one of my favorite things to vignette.

Come see before all the good stuff is gone!!

Jeanne d'Arc Living - October issue just arrived and it is super!!
 Loads of white! Tons of interior pictures.
 I don't know why it always arrives on the weekend.
We will get them to the post on Monday.
The copies out at the Barn are going fast but I do have a few issues left.
Also, a few issues left at the online shop.

Happy October Monday.


dried leaves

Light the candles.

Start a fire.

Bake some bread.

Oh, I love the Fall Season.

The colors are so vibrant.

... have you heard of pumpkin pie ice cream??
heard it IS FABULOUS.... I tried some yesterday.... yum.

 the dried leaves are from my fence at home.
You just can't have enough of nature INSIDE.
Look how fun it is with the burlap drape...

sunflower head peaking through

Last evening I grabbed a bag of potpourri  from the Barn and brought it home.
It's called ACORN....very fall-ish, yes.
(the dried potpourri is like a candle burning without the candle)

I put half of the dried leaves, sticks and pod mixture into a bowl, half for the kitchen and half for the living room.  It smells like cinnamon and pie spices...

This morning when I went down stairs to let the dog outside, it smelt like someone had been baking all night.  Fabulous.
...did I tell you I loved Fall.

Thanks for stopping.

More fun to come
.... maybe some pumpkin bread with the pumpkin pie ice cream...
how am I ever going to lose the 8 lbs.... ugh.


issue 9 - Jeanne d'Arc Living

Another issue is on the way.

40 copies...going once, going twice.... gone.

Act fast.

Last copy before the two Christmas issues come out!!!

This one looks Great...

I love the jars...

... the pallet bed

Order from the online shop...

Also available through the online shop:
J d'Arc hardcover Christmas book - A touch of France
Vintage by Nina - also hardcover

welcome back friends

I love the chill in the air.
It starts me thinking about entertaining.... friends, gathering indoors. 
Or huddling out back by the fire...

Everyone up here, in Minnesota, is thinking about closing the cabin and settling in at home.
Nesting ! Sounds cozy....
light the candles...
start the oven...
If you are getting my drift...it is chilly today...43 degrees...Brrrr

I love the happy faces of all the sun flowers.

Brown on brown....love

these baskets would look so good filled with jewelry .... so many uses.
3 great sizes....

canvas art...


Happy Saturday.

We are headed to the Gopher game today.!!

Random Fall Love

It is such a good morning.

I have the day off at the hospital...9 days in a row is enough, don't you think.
I deserve a day off.

Coffee in bed with the morning news...love the WCCO morning news show.
It's still dark out.... chilly...covers pulled up...

Next, more coffee and my computer in the kitchen
 (...and a few cookies )

I just realized we are having a Fall / Harvest sale at the Barn and I have been posting spooky Halloween for over a week.  You need a little sampling of some of the Fall good-ness.
Instead of a simple post, of one vignette like I usually do, I thought random shots would be fun.

the colors of Fall...
mustard yellow, burnt orange, reds, greens....

AND the apples and acorns

and the smells... this is the time for candles... we can't keep them in stock

funky pumpkins
funky owls
.... funky barn

heavenly fall harvest

Thank God my Barn is huge!!!  

Most guests have to go around at least twice....anywhere up to an hour, but then there are some who grab coffee and stay for a while...it truly is the best experience in town.

New Fall Canvases....

While you are here...
the VOGUE Boutique is a must see.

Fall Scarves, hats, jewels and handbags!!!!


A toast
To the Barn and all it's Fall Treasures.

More photos soon.

As for the sale....

20% off  Fall / Halloween
Thurs - Sun
artisan items exempt

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...