dried leaves

Light the candles.

Start a fire.

Bake some bread.

Oh, I love the Fall Season.

The colors are so vibrant.

... have you heard of pumpkin pie ice cream??
heard it IS FABULOUS.... I tried some yesterday.... yum.

 the dried leaves are from my fence at home.
You just can't have enough of nature INSIDE.
Look how fun it is with the burlap drape...

sunflower head peaking through

Last evening I grabbed a bag of potpourri  from the Barn and brought it home.
It's called ACORN....very fall-ish, yes.
(the dried potpourri is like a candle burning without the candle)

I put half of the dried leaves, sticks and pod mixture into a bowl, half for the kitchen and half for the living room.  It smells like cinnamon and pie spices...

This morning when I went down stairs to let the dog outside, it smelt like someone had been baking all night.  Fabulous.
...did I tell you I loved Fall.

Thanks for stopping.

More fun to come
.... maybe some pumpkin bread with the pumpkin pie ice cream...
how am I ever going to lose the 8 lbs.... ugh.


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