ghouls. ghosts. spiders.

More ghouls, ghosts and spiders.

Even if you don't do a lot of spooky decorating at home, some do a ton, so I aim to please.  I love doing the Halloween buying when I go to market AND I really get excited about vignetting the Barn this time of year.

Believe it or not, we will sell all of this funky Halloween decor over the next 4 weeks. 

I know my pictures don't do the Barn justice, but I'll try to give you an idea.

my vintage dress from is in dire straights.... fits right in don't you think

down-ward shot from the chandelier

go back .....

Love these spiders!!!

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...