set the mood

I was leaving the shop the yesterday, most of the lights were off, and I remembered I NEED PICTURES for a blog post. So I found a vignette that had some light still shining near by... it's a little moody but I like the mood that is set with this low lighting.

I didn't realize until I looked at the pictures that this vignette really is lacking color. When the rest of the Barn is exploding with color this area is almost creepy plain.... well, Halloween is right around the corner.

maybe it's the lighting, maybe it's me, but are you getting that creepy vibe

rusty metal... lovelovelove

oh a splash of color... what was I thinking.
check out the cement pumpkin

new artist doing dried flowers with vintage framing

love the finish on the stone pumpkins

check these babies out... too fun and I have them in 3 sizes

a gathering of petites.
Up Coming Events
September 11-12 Fall open house
September 16-18 Junk Bonanza
September 25-26 Halloween Premiere

wine club

Wine Club... what a concept.

I was talking with a girlfriend today and she casually mentioned wine club.

"Wine tell, I exclaimed."
A casual gathering of women for some wine tasting. She proceeded to tell me that she is not a wine drinker, but a wine taster. I then went on to tell her that I too would like to become a wine taster.

The rules for wine club are simple

1. half the gals bring the wine
2. half the gals bring tasty snacks
3. tasting and gossip are mandatory

I don't know about you but I need to become a member of the Wine Club

between the hospital, the barn, the laundry, the kids, the dog, the Mr. Miller, the cleaning, the weeds, the grass, the dust, the buying, the pricing, the driving, the watering.... yikes must I go on... as you can tell I need a taste.

remember this display. the adorable red chairs. All Fall down.

This morning.

Ashley opened the store and they were all over the place.

Good God. So when I got there at 5:30... oh boy what a surprise...
as I mentioned above... just a taste.

So Jane, Sara, Pam and Sarah ... sorry I missed you and sorry for that mess.

Did you ever find my house?? I hope you let the dog out if you did.
Later alligators


Well, so much for the cool Fall weather.
The heat is back.... yikes, I could not do the heat week after week. I am a climate change kind of girl. I am so looking forward to jeans and long sleeves...
browns and rusts and mustard's, oh my.
Speaking of color, I went to my first apparel show this weekend. Man, those folks do things different... can you say slow paced... and since when do old men run the show. Unbelievable. I could tell after 5 minutes that most of these guys were from Chicago.... I'll say no more, but I have got a lot to learn if I'm going to branch out.... if any of you have advice on how to break into the clothing boutique business, I need Tee shirt class 101 because I failed miserably.
Anyway, here is a calm photo shoot from the Barn.
don't these pears look inviting

looks like we should be making a late summer drink of some kind

new art from Artist, Sue Wolfe

New fun size 20x20 in both canvas and metal.
I sold this one and it is going above a stove.... doesn't that sound so fun.
The August J d'Arc has arrived at the store...I have a couple issues left. We are currently taking orders for October and November (Christmas issue - a must have)
Happy Monday everyone.
In these parts the State Fair starts on Thursday this week.
A sure sign that Fall is near and school is starting soon.

hello fall

Fall is in the air.
Seriously, it is cooling way down.
We even had shoppers wearing sweatshirts the last couple of mornings.
That is what my sister said when I explained to her how chilly it was up here
- she lives on the coast near Charleston, SC. HOT

There is something about that first cool week in August after days of HEAT... it is so refreshing to start to think about Fall. To think about change. Love it.
Love the sunflowers, love the colors, love the smells.

love the large sunflower heads
geez I say love a lot

Jeanne d'Arc Living arrived today!!! So expect yours in the mail any day now.
They will be doing 2 more issues this year October and then the big one that we wait for all year November, which is the Christmas issue.
$25 + shipping
Big News....News soon
I have big news to tell you all soon.

pack your bags

Pack your bags..... but who has time to travel.
Not me.
Time is moving fast but things are getting done. Hooray!
I am finally feeling a little bit of the stress wash away as the store is coming together, my house is finally clean, the laundry done, the weeds are picked, and ... at the moment anyway, there is NO drama, any where around me.
...just Peace

loads of Black vintage luggage

I am a sucker for the brown and black leather mix

lots of burlap ribbon in for Fall

I am so happy to say that I have 4 yes FOUR days off at the hospital.
My list is long....I've told my family "stay out of the way."
So if you stop by the store and see a blur blow by it's just me .... starting Halloween, finishing Fall and getting things ready for Junk Bonanza. More news to come.
ttfn.... ~ L

vintage glory girls

Love My Vintage Ladies.
The other day a customer came into the shop and asked if I had any vintage dress forms.
The look on her face when I said, I have many, was priceless. She obviously expected a no. I didn't realize myself how many I have collected until I started saying, "oh, and there is one over here, and one more over here."

All Attitude

my Miss Busty from the Dayton-Hudson days

not vintage but a dramatic view

the one that loves to model the scarves and purses

...just give me a tight sweater

Miss Grey

...all lovely molded plastic

Miss Green

Slim.... a slutty size 2

Miss Couture.... Louis Vuitton

... and look at this Swedish lovely

priceless.... No actually, $365.00

Thanks for stopping. As I was posting this I realized 2 of my ladies are missing...oops, I'm sure they have been mentioned on previous posts. You'll just have to stop in if you want to meet them all. Some of the ladies are for sale.... some are not.
A clarification is needed from my August - Jeanne d'Arc post.... I mentioned I only had 14 copies left, I meant on reserve...the magazines come next week. As of now I only have 5 copies left to reserve. Sorry for the misunderstanding. ~ L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...