to the MOON

There is something about this color for Spring.

Blue. Light Blue. Gray-Blue.

Mix with any other color and you have something going on.  It is such a fun time of year to refresh your space. I did some spring cleaning at both the Barn and at Home. Spring cleaning in my mind is more then just cleaning. It means pulling everything out and Re-Vignetting while you clean.... and then ... loading the car and bringing my used treasures up to the Barn. Stay tuned.

Easter is all on SALE this week.   30 - 50 % off

French script and chocolate Linen Bunnies !!

Nothing says Easter like Bunnies and Tulips 

The bunnies are Linen covered and have fabulous mini wicker carriers. 
 They are the cutest little darlings.

Look at his Little pack

I can't believe the weekend is here ALREADY.
So much to do.

Enjoy the first day of Spring and March Madness.

Spring's Grand Entrance

March is when we unveil our Spring Goodies.

We are starting a little late this year... not because of the weather - it has been unusually warm here. The festivities are scheduled late because of the late arrival of our product. Things have been tied up on the boats and have had trouble getting through customs.

As the boxes arrive... so does the Spring Vintage goods.
Metal, chippy Barn wood and painted furniture.
The mix is SO FUN.

A little Pink...
A little sweet Paris...

...Who's bedroom needs a little pick me up...
Large wall poster now 50 % off

Things are Blooming

All Round Barn Tee's, Tanks and Thermals are now discounted.
They are at the end of their run. 
These styles are being discontinued.

Limited quantities and sizes.
(reg $22 - 42)

The Vintage Finds are everywhere

Come join us for Spring's Grand Entrance.

eggs... love them

I am so excited about the eggs we have this year at the Barn.

(...We have fabulous bunnies too...but that is for a later post )

the eggs shown above come in 3 sizes and they are that perfect blue color.

B is for Bunny
A sneak pic on some of the bunnies we have received.

My other eggs...
torn fabric
ticking, burlap and French script linen
they are so sweet.

Quantities are limited so hurry in.
Spring is here.

See you at the Barn.
Lori ~ RBPCo.

Think SprinG

We have thought about SprinG for months....
FOUR LONG months.

And it has arrived. 
The windows are open ... the sun is shining !
I think it is going to be 70 degrees today.
In March ! In Minnesota !

We are ready at the Barn with buds and moss 

Everywhere you look things are blooming.

The Jeanne d'Arc Living Easter fairytales book is on sale

while supplies last

Looking forward to the weekend.

My oldest - Logan, has a big birthday on Saturday.

Enjoy the sun.

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Oh happy DAY

Oh happy DAY.

It is warm and things are melting.
Everyone is out and everyone is SMILING.

...every little thing is gonna be Alright !!

The chalkboard sign is an old window that really didn't have much going for it. So I dug out the chalkboard paint and then seasoned it with a piece of purple chalk to make it look nice and Vintage.  Change the saying daily, weekly or whenever you need some whimsy.

we have them and they are multiplying ...
furry little rabbits. 

I mentioned in yesterday's post we are doing an impromptu SALE for the weekend.

20% Barn items - store wide.

some artisan items and MMS milk paint exempt

See you at the Barn.

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Spring cleaning

We have been cleaning house up here at the BARN.
Spring Cleaning.

Although the last 2 days were "Popsicle days" the furnace went out - again - and it got down in the 40's....can you say Brrrr. We don't get much done but shiver in those circumstances !!

It's not easy being housed in a big old Vintage Barn.

... now, the weather is warming and the furnace is fixed.

It's time to enjoy the SPRING weather that is coming.

We are having an impromptu SALE this weekend
.... COME on in.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...