summer relaxation

Some days I just want to sit and relax.

Drop down at a little bistro and watch the world go by.

Constant motion... some days is just too much.

to sit with a cup of coffee with a friend....

tomorrow I will work out the details on the annual summer event... today I will have to find time to relax in my car on the way to the office, or on the way to the Barn, or on the way to the bank.

tomorrow... maybe a cup of coffee at the pool.

A girl can dream....

Happy Monday. ~L

copper is the new vintage silver

Copper is it!
What do you do when you are given a box full of copper pots.

Banged up... vintage copper from Turkey.

You smile, do a little dance and then create.

.... this is for you Don.

copper is the new vintage silver.... I told you.

I love this stuff.

Everyone told me to hang it from the ceiling... but I knew I could do better then that...

As Always, Thanks for stopping. ~L

I have to find my rain boots and winter scarf... I swear it was so cold inbetween rain storms yesterday that I thought it was going to snow.  Snow!!

good things

I thought I would share some pictures I ran across the other day.

I took these photos earlier to do a post about some of my favorite things in my house but I forgot about them.  So here are some Good Things from my house to yours...

love the big clock and my cherubs...

... my chippy mantle

and my trophies....

Oh yeah... and then there is this corner...

Alright, that's a few shots from my living room.

I hope you all enjoyed, what Mr Miller calls, "my crap."

We had a fun filled weekend of family graduation parties mixed with a little bit of work.  Monday morning comes so fast.... and the new list begins.

Thanks for stopping ~ L


It is a sticky one this morning.
I hate when the humidity is so high that all the floors in the house feel wet on my bare feet.  I don't mind turning on the air conditioner... but I hate closing all the windows. You know what I mean... love the windows open.

This post has a splash of summertime COLOR!!

The little children's furniture is adorable

I love the frogs!

Happy Summer!



Hurray for summer fun...playing in the and sunshine.

This is a fun little vignette put together by my friend Cheryl, an official barn girl, who works at the Barn one day a week.  This fun yellow potting table has a vintage screen door as its backdrop.

the potting table doesn't take up too much room, but look at all the shelves

isn't it cute....

the hedgehog...

the sleepy cat

We're getting things pulled together to start our summer sale...
I don't have the dirt... the skinny.... the details...
BUT it will be something good.
And it will start soon!!

see you soon ~ L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...