It's so fun at the Barn, especially the week of Thanksgiving.
Everyone is in a good mood.
It's like a bonus week.... whatever gets done this week makes us feel like we are ahead of schedule.  Sure the house needs to get cleaned... and the groceries have to be picked up, but when you have time to mix in a few fun stops.... Bonus !! 

a gift here and there...
something for the door...
something for the guest bath... a small vignette.. a cute sign...

We start to sell a lot of ornaments and decorating items this week.
Some sit in the bag until the weekend, and then the treasures are brought out in a flurry of decorating.
Some are brought out immediately... let the fun begin.

... and a flurry of decorating will be done over the next 2 weeks.

I know my house will be done up next weekend. We are having so many guests for Thanksgiving day I didn't think we could fit them and a couple of trees at the same time... So I will wait until next week.

Don't forget we have the best napkins...
many fun designs...perfect for any gathering.

Stay tuned for more pics and our ideas for Black Friday and 
Small business Saturday. baby for Miss Ashley yet.
My prediction is today 11/24/14

Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ 12th issue

It's here.
The 12th issue has arrived.
It is Fabulous.
It is all about Christmas.

This issue has a ton of color... which is different then the toned down white-on-white. Don't get me wrong... the Danish and Swedish way is white-on-white and that is evident, but this issue has some fabulous bright color mixed expertly in.
My favorite issue for the entire year.

I hope you get a chance to see one.

Before I update the web online shop, I have to check on availability at the Barn.

7 days until December.
Yikes !!

See you at the Barn

Lori ~ RBPCo.

spread the JOY

It is fun to sprinkle red around... and around and around.

Red birds
red balls
red Bells
Red Ribbon

It especially stands out with all of our neutrals and the black and white chalk board art.  I also love that the black ticking ribbon. Fabulous!! 

This corner of the Barn had turned into a forgotten land last Fall. We just had nothing going on and it had become a catch all of randoms.  So when it was time to clean and flip the product to set up for Christmas, it was a disaster. It took me forever to find homes for all the random product, and then to clean up and decide what in the world I was going to do here.... It started with the chalk board... original old slate... so yes, it weighs a ton ! To get it up, off the floor, and screwed onto the wall with just me and pregnant Ashley was no small task !!!  
The wreath went up immediately... I know... I was not supposed to bring out product until the large props were in place, but I knew it would be perfect, and I had to see it in place. - and yes, it made me smile. 
Next was the overhead shelf, and then the drape. The table and chair came after that AND then, to tie it all in, A burlap light - off center.... .... LOVE !!

these cups have been a popular gift item... they come in a boxed set of 2 or individually.

It's funny looking back at these pictures. 
I took the pictures about a week ago, and the table tops are not quite as full as they were last week. Don't get me wrong... the Barn is bursting with product. I swear I did not buy as much as previous years... but we are still unloading the back room... actually, I think we had everything out on the sales floor as of yesterday.

Uffda. Finally.

With Thanksgiving coming next week, I have a large area with Fall decor at a discounted rate.  Florals, pumpkins and gourds, candles and bags of dried gatherings... All at 50 % off.


This fun area is already on round two....
We sold out of most of the showcase pieces before I could even get a post out. No worries, we have already re-loaded. 

mantles are so fun during the holidays

the baby pines with the root balls !!!
OMG too die for.
2 sizes

If these rolls of paper ribbon are as fabulous on display, as they are on your packages, you will have the best dressed gifts around town. I know I will be using them this year.

There is so much fun happening here !!!

Jeanne d'Arc Living news
soft cover / imported from Denmark
The 12th issue will be arriving next week some time.
11th issue - 4 in stock
10th - sold out
9th issue - 4 in stock
8 issue - 2 in stock
7th issue - 3 in stock
earlier issues 2014 sold out
12th issue 2013- 4 in stock

If you want to beat the crowds shop today, Thursday or Friday.

Fa - la-

polka dots and chalk boards

I don't know about you, but I love polka dots !
When I was at market and found this ribbon, I knew I had to have it.

I pictured it with my chalk board ribbons and my birch animals....
Fab how everything turns out !!!

I cut the ribbon and tied little bows at the ends of the tree branches....

The pop of the red reindeer is perfect !!!

One small more day at the Barn.

See you soon.

Lori ~ RBPCo.

hand crafted goodness

Well, it certainly is starting to feel like December.

I just finished a long weekend at the hospital and managed to squeeze in some time at the Barn.  I have fluffed and filled in the holes. I have unboxed, and brought out even MORE product... if you can believe that !! For those of you that were in last week... look out for the fabulous goods you will see this week.

I am in love with this chalk board look ribbon...
Holly Jolly Holiday
Merry Christmas
It looks great in the tree...on packages...on a wreath... where ever your heart desires.

this whole tree is just too fun.

... and the squirrels with their little scarves are just too perfect.

I will try to get a post out everyday this week.

We are busy getting ready for the Holiday Open House at the Barn this weekend.  If you can't make it then, we are open daily with hot coffee brewing.  
So many people I talk to say,  "they need to come out with their girl friends," or they say " I need to gather a group"... and that is good but doesn't always work with everyone's busy schedule.  I can't tell you how nice and relaxing it is to visit the Barn by yourself - some you time.
It's warm and bright
It smells good
It's so relaxing
It is just heaven on earth.
So make time for yourself... whether it is 20 min or 2 hours, you will not be disappointed. 

More soon

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Joyeux Noel

I wanted to share my favorite area in the Barn with you.
It is cozy and sparkly AND full of crowns and all things European inspired that we are drawn to.

Santos, Cherubs, Lambs....

When all the product is in the back room in boxes, I have to go around and around the Barn to find the perfect spot to showcase my goods. After I decide on the location, I have to decide on a few key Vintage props that will draw your attention and make the product magical.

The next step is not as fun. The location that I have chosen is filled with product. All of that product needs to be relocated within the Barn in a fashionable way... hours of work.  Once the area is stripped down... the fun begins. Props are gathered... the big ladder is hauled out, lighting and props are hung from the ceiling... only then are the boxes with product brought out from the back room and the magic begins.

With this vignette, many of the beautiful props are mine from my house... the chandeliers, the European hat boxes with the fabulous Vintage top hats, leather case and the fabric covered child's chair.
( most are for sale... not cheap, but for sale :)

It's all about the look...the staging... the details...that sells the goods...

I just love everything !!!

I truly feel this line can stay out all year and complement any bathroom or bedroom... wherever you need that special touch. 

...and Gifts !! Who doesn't love a crown !!

So exciting !!!

I hope you enjoyed my special treasures.

Here in Minnesota we are enjoying our first snow storm.
We are sitting somewhere in the middle of the storm... I just heard it is almost done.
9.5" of wet, sticky snow has fallen at the barn.
Our neighbors, just 15 miles away... 16.5 " Uff-da !

None the less, it has begun... we will shovel the walk and serve warm coffee and continue to create the magic.

Stay warm and see you at the barn.

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...