Joyeux Noel

I wanted to share my favorite area in the Barn with you.
It is cozy and sparkly AND full of crowns and all things European inspired that we are drawn to.

Santos, Cherubs, Lambs....

When all the product is in the back room in boxes, I have to go around and around the Barn to find the perfect spot to showcase my goods. After I decide on the location, I have to decide on a few key Vintage props that will draw your attention and make the product magical.

The next step is not as fun. The location that I have chosen is filled with product. All of that product needs to be relocated within the Barn in a fashionable way... hours of work.  Once the area is stripped down... the fun begins. Props are gathered... the big ladder is hauled out, lighting and props are hung from the ceiling... only then are the boxes with product brought out from the back room and the magic begins.

With this vignette, many of the beautiful props are mine from my house... the chandeliers, the European hat boxes with the fabulous Vintage top hats, leather case and the fabric covered child's chair.
( most are for sale... not cheap, but for sale :)

It's all about the look...the staging... the details...that sells the goods...

I just love everything !!!

I truly feel this line can stay out all year and complement any bathroom or bedroom... wherever you need that special touch. 

...and Gifts !! Who doesn't love a crown !!

So exciting !!!

I hope you enjoyed my special treasures.

Here in Minnesota we are enjoying our first snow storm.
We are sitting somewhere in the middle of the storm... I just heard it is almost done.
9.5" of wet, sticky snow has fallen at the barn.
Our neighbors, just 15 miles away... 16.5 " Uff-da !

None the less, it has begun... we will shovel the walk and serve warm coffee and continue to create the magic.

Stay warm and see you at the barn.

Lori ~ RBPCo.

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