It's so fun at the Barn, especially the week of Thanksgiving.
Everyone is in a good mood.
It's like a bonus week.... whatever gets done this week makes us feel like we are ahead of schedule.  Sure the house needs to get cleaned... and the groceries have to be picked up, but when you have time to mix in a few fun stops.... Bonus !! 

a gift here and there...
something for the door...
something for the guest bath... a small vignette.. a cute sign...

We start to sell a lot of ornaments and decorating items this week.
Some sit in the bag until the weekend, and then the treasures are brought out in a flurry of decorating.
Some are brought out immediately... let the fun begin.

... and a flurry of decorating will be done over the next 2 weeks.

I know my house will be done up next weekend. We are having so many guests for Thanksgiving day I didn't think we could fit them and a couple of trees at the same time... So I will wait until next week.

Don't forget we have the best napkins...
many fun designs...perfect for any gathering.

Stay tuned for more pics and our ideas for Black Friday and 
Small business Saturday. baby for Miss Ashley yet.
My prediction is today 11/24/14

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