dreams come true

This is a fun ornament for Christmas, but I wanted to share because the saying is so true.

I was just walking through my own house trying to think of how I can fit my new found - funky "vintage Chairs" into this space that is my home.  I have two fabulous chairs that I want to bring in .... hummm ... what has to go.  That is the deal when you live in a small space, without a lot of rooms. When it is full...it is full.  It's not going to happen today because it is pouring rain... so I have a few days. The chairs are safe and sound on the sales floor at the Barn... hopefully, they are safe. I did mark them way up to deter their sale, but one never knows... 

A home is made of hopes and dreams...
if they sell over the next few days it was meant to fill the hopes and dreams of someone else. 

(fingers crossed)

Ms Ashley remade the jewelry case...
it is fabulous.
As all the crowns and jewels come in, this area is looking magical.

even the mini wicker pieces become magical
... so precious. 

fun globe...

this bejeweled treasure chest
perfect for every princess.

the hanging crowns have arrived !!!
where oh where can it go .... bedroom... maybe bathroom... maybe both.
I have to have at least one !!

they are even more fabulous in person !!

this is a smaller version
German glass glitter, lace, pearls ...

mini - pink chandelier 

We are open Labor day weekend BUT we will be closed on Monday.

Our Labor day specials include
All Scarves and Handbags 40 % off
All Books 25 % off

10 am - 5 pm Friday and Sat
Sunday 12 - 5 pm

See you soon
~ Lori

Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ issue 9

I can't believe we are looking at the 9th issue for 2014.

I have been carrying this beautiful magazine, imported from Denmark, since 2008.

In fact, the first year it was published, it was printed only in the Danish language... without interpretation, we could only admire the beautiful pictures .. did we care, heck NO.

You can't help but love the simple decor

... the chippy
... the deconstructed
... the fur
... the enamelware
... the ironstone

I will be shipping my pre-orders out today.

Come get your issue at the Barn while supplies last.

We are back to our regular hours...

Stay tuned for our Fall / Harvest Open House

~ Lori

Get your Paint on - it's the thing to do !!

While some are doing the school prep shopping - the rest of
 us are Painting !!

It has come to my attention, since I started carrying the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint, that many of US are "Do-er's". We prefer to find that perfect bargain piece and transform it into our own personal treasure. 
We search, we haul, we clean and then WE PAINT - and we love it !! 

Part of the fun is we get to create whatever our imagination comes up with... 
we get to pick out our own color... maybe a stencil... maybe stripes...
- You can personalize it even more by mixing two or three colors to come up with your own shade

Although - having 18 colors to choose from is quite fabulous !!

Remember, if you are short on time and can't make the drive in, I can drop it in the mail... 2 - 3 days you will have your paint. 
Wham - Bam... you've got your paint on !!

Aprons just arrived.
I love them !!

Our RBPCo. special 
- because we love you and want you to have an Apron - 
Purchase $100 worth of MMS products and the Apron is yours for half price.
(reg $28 )

don't forget to grab a Lavender bundle...

I told you I love the apron.
I have worn it everyday since they arrived.

The next paint class 101 is in the works but not on the books yet...
stay tuned. 

We are almost back to our regular business hours. We had been closing early over the summer

Through August:
Mon - closed / Tue - Thurs 10 - 6 pm / Fri - Sat 10 - 5 pm/ Sun 12- 5 pm 

( Sept on --- Open Daily !!)

See you at the Barn.
Lori - RBPCo.

sunshine and Roses

Cutest packaging ever !!

small porcelain canning jar .... totally vintage look paper...
and the smell. Yum !

I am burning the Spiced Apple in my kitchen right now.

I love the harvest scents in the Fall... ( or late summer.)

I am only carrying two scents in this line because we have so many other candles and melts and fresh potpourri lines that do so well.  The packaging got me on this one... what a fun gift !!

As I removed the paper topper to light the candle, I thought... now, what fun thing can I do with this paper. !!  It is so adorable... it has to be displayed somehow !

Bags of fresh potpourri arrive almost daily.

This one ... Pecan Pie !


Can't wait to put this one out on the weekend and wake up to that smell.
Just like Grandma's house. 

Vintage love.

The vintage FAN does not come with the grass... I don't know how many times I had to explain to customers.  Our display wit is just that... If you want to continue it at home you have to purchase it separately. The fan was only $15 and the grass $3 .... why you wouldn't buy both ??? beyond my imagination. 

creativity is not cheap - it's going to cost you $3 !!

Bright sunshine through the window.
August is the month to worship the sun ... just ask any Leo...

Flow blue is the color of the month for Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint !!!

Time to get your paint on !!

Blue - indigo is hot this year !!

See you at the Barn.
It's time to surround yourself with all the comforts of home...
we have the usual and the uncommon ... and that is why everyone returns.

Happy day !

Lori - RBPCo.

Farmhouse Love

At "the Barn" we are not only in love with the simplicity of the farmhouse look, but the lifestyle as well.

At home, I am not searching for eggs, unfortunately, but I am busy picking vegetables.  We do a simple garden of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers - green, red, yellow and jalapeno. Along with an assortment of herbs... which is a must  for Mr Miller who does the cooking.

... I love the black and white mix 
So Clean and Fresh ...

For those of you who love to decorate with signage...
...me. me. me.
these mini chalk boards are so fun.

the brand...
a sign in it's own right

these funky school house creamers are FABulous.


the Jeanne D'Arc Living magazine - issue 8 has arrived and I believe we have a couple issues left in stock... the Fall Candles and bags of fresh potpourri have arrived ... I can't wait to show you... if only we could do a scratch and sniff... Grandma's kitchen for sure !!

You will have to come in and gather while you can.  
Of course, the hunt for the uncommon goods is a daily occurrence. 
well worth the visit !!

I'm home at the pool - entertaining today...
... my Barn girl's will take care of you !!
back tomorrow with an enormous to do list..

Thanks for stopping - Lori RBPCo

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...