dreams come true

This is a fun ornament for Christmas, but I wanted to share because the saying is so true.

I was just walking through my own house trying to think of how I can fit my new found - funky "vintage Chairs" into this space that is my home.  I have two fabulous chairs that I want to bring in .... hummm ... what has to go.  That is the deal when you live in a small space, without a lot of rooms. When it is full...it is full.  It's not going to happen today because it is pouring rain... so I have a few days. The chairs are safe and sound on the sales floor at the Barn... hopefully, they are safe. I did mark them way up to deter their sale, but one never knows... 

A home is made of hopes and dreams...
if they sell over the next few days it was meant to fill the hopes and dreams of someone else. 

(fingers crossed)

Ms Ashley remade the jewelry case...
it is fabulous.
As all the crowns and jewels come in, this area is looking magical.

even the mini wicker pieces become magical
... so precious. 

fun globe...

this bejeweled treasure chest
perfect for every princess.

the hanging crowns have arrived !!!
where oh where can it go .... bedroom... maybe bathroom... maybe both.
I have to have at least one !!

they are even more fabulous in person !!

this is a smaller version
German glass glitter, lace, pearls ...

mini - pink chandelier 

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See you soon
~ Lori

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