I normally don't post on a Saturday afternoon...

Beautiful day outside... in fact, I have been outside most of the day, but I started thinking about the Barn and this vignette and I couldn't wait until Monday to share.... it's always so fun to create AND more fun to share.

the black & white numbers came at the same time as the numbered pots... such fun!!

you can't tell me you don't absolutely love these puppies.


thanks for letting me share.

I'm headed to my 30th highschool class reunion tonight.

I am excited to see the old gang. Hopefully I can stay up past 9 pm

I'll be at the Barn all day tomorrow... pop in and see what else is new... changes daily!!

vintage garden

I hope you are not tiring of my pearls...
love the pearls.

I am having a very strange week.
getting loads done at the Barn....
loads done at the hospital.
Busy days but...
LAZY evenings at home every night this week.
Craving both red wine and chocolate chip cookies...
every night
last night I had both for dinner... coupled with a J Crew catalog.
Life doesn't get any better.

I told you lazy... but most relaxing evenings.

I've redone 7 different vignettes....wow
I think I deserve a cookie or two

....can you tell I have nothing to talk about today

just some pretty pics

See you soon.
we're at the Barn


back to the Barn

Enough of my gardens.
We've got to get you back to the barn.

this fun cabinet just in

it fits perfect in front of my vintage barn doors

my friend Vern made the cabinet

of course, I provided the fine decor... LoL

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning.

See you soon. ~L

backyard paradise ~ part 2

Oh my. It is almost the end of the week... again.

It has been a crazy week here.
Close to a hundred and SUPER Humid - Everyday.
Except today... this morning it is back to normal!!

This humidity tho. wow. One morning I got up and every window was solid white-out of moisture...like the bathroom mirror when you take a hot shower.  It was crazy, I have never seen anything like it. 
We were inside a terrarium.!!
The dog wouldn't even go out when I opened the door.
Hard to get things done AND NO AIR at the Barn.
But like I said.... we are back to normal and I can't wait to get things done. I have got shopping to do and the whole store needs to get put back together after this last sale.

I promised you more of the back yard....

European watering can... love the long neck.
I also love the black metal chair...I have two of them *happy

I have a thing for chairs...

love to hang here and read, plan or just lounge with my morning coffee

sprinklers going in the background...
... fun

Enough for now.
I hope you enjoyed a few shots of my little oasis.
I can't wait to out there tonight with no humidity.

Enjoy the weekend ~ L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...