dashing through the snow

Yes. ! We finally got some snow.
Actually, it snowed Thanksgiving night and it is still here.
...and yes, I have a thing for mice.

look at him... so cute

Everything is so fun this year.
I love this simple white on white
...the only pop of red is the cute little hat on my cute little mouse head .

another favorite of mine, this year, is this beaded ribbon that hangs from her neck.
I draped it on a sparkle tree in my bathroom... LOVE IT.

paper fringe tree coupled with a white feather tree.

no snow in this picture... but we do have some!

It is the end of November this week - crazy.
My Holiday Home tour is on Saturday, which means this will be my last post until then. I have got to get my house decorated or I will have some unhappy guests.

The coveted December issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living has arrived.
I have limited numbers for the Barn and for the web shop so please, if you want one.... come in and grab a copy or visit the web shop.
Only $13.95

~ Lori


Can you Believe that Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are now behind us.

I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that it is going to be December SOON.

It's time to start planning all of the dinner parties, luncheons, company get-together's and gift buying.... and then there is New Year's Eve to consider...

don't forget to make your bar sparkle
... or that extra special one-of-a-kind hostess gift.

my buggy...
yes... full sized, Antique, horse drawn buggy... sits in the middle of my Barn. 
It is always so fun to make it sparkle.

you should see my suitcase after this weekend....
crazy! fun! Someone.... me...needs to get my butt to the Barn and refresh.
On the home front....Home Tour Time.

For all of you who have come to the Holiday Home Tour that I host every year, you will remember that I go a little over the top. 

I feel like I need to put on a show.... after all it is not all about the tree... it is about seeing how Christmas can be displayed in different ways in other peoples homes.  How mixing Vintage collections in with your own Holiday treasures can be magnificent. You also see different paint techniques on walls, floors, doors and kitchen cupboards... and then you take all that inspiration and go home and create.

Over the top!!

I always start with clearing all the table tops and mantels.  Clean. Clean. Clean some more.  Then it is all about a vision and props... bringing out my special vintage collections... moving things around..

this is just a start...props, collections...moving things around the house to achieve my vision... after taking this photo, I moved the book and added a vintage table top candelabra that lights up within the tree.  It looks fabulous and will look even better when I bring out my garlands and ornaments to decorate the tree.

this is just a start....

below is a picture of everything that was once on the table tops... now, a new home for them some where in the house.  I always say.... you have to make a mess before you can create.
You can't create anything new without first dismantling what you have.

latest in the collection of art by
lori miller vintage design

Thank you all again for the Small Business support yesterday.
I couldn't do it without you.


peace. joy. noel.

Good day !!

I hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Good Cheer.

Can't wait.

...and Good times at the Barn... everyone is ready to start decorating at home.
Yes !

Wilma and her support staff...

Once upon a time Ms. Wilma was for sale... I know, how could I think of such a thing!! 
Not any more.  Now Wilma oversees all at the Barn... and is one of the official Barn Girls !!

I love these trees
feather in white and dusty pink
and large shredded paper tree...

peace. joy. noel.
These will shine up any bar or table...

more shredded paper trees
4 sizes ....
and below ...Wilma's friends...

See the earlier 2 posts for upcoming events and info on the Home Tour

Thanks for stopping.

Happy Thanksgiving

Lori, Ashley, Darlene, Marilee and Cheryl
oh and Wilma.... all official Barn Girls.

Barn Love

If you need two little guys and a boat ... you have come to the right place.

Are these not the cutest little guys you have ever seen !!!
The metal bucket looks like a boat to me....

I love the felted ornaments this year.

these little guys will be part of our Black Friday Event
.... stay tuned and you will find out.

 a touch of red
... with a touch of black and white

We have been busy SO THANK YOU ALL!!

And Thank you all for the Kudos and kind words!!!
That is what I do this for....
your Oohs and Aahs

Makes me smile BIG!!

Happenings and Specials :

* First, Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazines, I have a couple November issues left and the December issue is on the way.... The Coveted Christmas Issue!!!  I also have a couple of the Hard Cover Christmas Books still hanging around.

* Vintage by Nina and Vintage by Nina Christmas : Available

* The Barn Holiday Home Tour
December 1st
Spots still available....
the homes this year are
Lori Miller : Owner, Designer / RBPCo.
Sue Wolfe : Local Artist / Destination Art
Lanette Lorsung : Collector /  Cottage Elements

A road trip is in order!!!
Barn open extended Hours

* Black Friday Event
10 - 1 pm
Ornaments .... Buy one Get one FREE
equal - lesser value
in store only.

* Small Business Saturday
10 - 1 pm
40 % off a single item
1 per customer / artisan / furniture exempt

Look for more photos and more Fun on our Facebook page

With Thanksgiving in the mix this will be a very special week.
Quantities are limited.
 When they are gone they are GONE.

See you soon.

sparkle and shine

I can't believe a week has already passed since my last post...
we have been quiet, we have been busy, we have been slow, we have been Crazy...
It has been hot - it has been cold
up. down.
Thank God we made it through the election, and everyone is starting to settle down.
It is the middle of November....
We need to focus on the Holidays before they are gone.
I feel like time is at warp speed
In the mean time...
The Barn is in a complete state of sparkle....

We are ready for the weekend. 
We are ready for the Holidays!!!!

I hope you can all join us for our
Sparkle and Shine Event
this weekend!!!

A few more Jeanne d'Arc Living Christmas books remain

I love how this tree fits perfectly in this cute paper box.

I have been asked to put some info on the Blog about the upcoming
Holiday Home Tour

This year it is on
Saturday, December 01
$10 / person

Reservations are taken to fill every half hour increment 
12 - 4 pm

3 Homes

Refreshments throughout
Wine, Coffee and snacks

After you and your friends tour and are full of inspiration we offer
 Discount Shopping at the Barn
 with Extended hours

Call to reserve your spot
or for questions

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...