spring fever

May Day tomorrow.

I have to tell you that by May 1st I am usually in full spring mode.
This year....E-Gads... I feel like it is still February.
(1. furnace is still going.  2. still using the seat heater in the car. 3. snow mixed with rain two days ago and in the forecast for today.  4. packed up my gloves but then dug them back out again.  5. need I say more)

Vacation did help get me in the mood for flip flops but now I just look at them in the closet and drag out the boots....again.  At this time of year I am usually full force in the garden and making changes inside the house, with all of that on hold for yet another day.... I have focused on the shop.

I am always in the mood to play at the store... it's my Calgon take me away spot.

My Santos angel is center stage

three posts left....I can't believe they are still here.

love the glass stem vases.

crunch. crunch. crunch.

black and white dishes... timeless.

Lots to do and my list is growing.
Smile it's Saturday!!

April showers

April showers bring May flowers.
We can only hope.
Seriously, between the snow and the rain and the rain and snow, I don't think I will ever get outside again.

After coming back from sunshine and 80 degrees....not good.
Another bad thing about leaving and coming home is that things pile up while you're gone.  Things pile up and the routine is broken and the relaxed vacation is oh so quickly forgotten.

But it is good to be back....

lilacs .... who doesn't love the lilacs

some fun finds just in....

need some quick art
throw a couple fern leafs in an open frame.

fun dress form just found

purple and white flowers....I can't get enough

more goods to show you next time

my pictures are piling up.
ttfn ~L



That I did.
I went to market last weekend to finish up a Christmas order .... yep, still working on something fun for Christmas. Anyway,  I scored some more fabulous cuff bracelets.  They went so quickly last time I found them, that I felt fortunate to get my hands on a few more for the Barn. 
Of course, a few had to go home with me....
I am a bracelet hoarder.

 check them out....

good spring colors

love the coral and blue together...
luckily I found two

I put this post together last Tuesday before I left for sunny Vegas!!!

winner. winner. chicken dinner.

I'll let you know how things went.
Hopefully I am out in the sun by the pool with an umbrella drink while you are reading this.
I need sunshine and water... away from snow and wind

wish you were here... L


Happy snow day...again, for us up here in Minnesota.
At least we know it will be gone by tomorrow.

Easter Sunday it will be 60 and sunny here!!
I told my family the menu is going to be
Ham & Corona's
Sunshine & laughs out by the pool.
...if any of you are reading this, bring a rake...I am behind on my chores.

A little eye candy for you while I am away.

- metal art, Sue Wolfe Design.

the Barn will be open normal hours.

Jeanne d Arc ~ 3rd issue has arrived.
It was a week late but Fed Ex never fails.

Enjoy the rest of the week ~ L

vogue. VOGUE. vogue.

Vogue. VOGUE. Vogue.

My new found jewels are a big hit.

especially for me!! The Vogue freak.

I wear my new vogue jewelry everyday.

look at them.

the display isn't quite so full this morning, but I know how to get my hands on some more.

Two different chains available.
all slightly different.

not all have the vogue girls on them. Some are silhouette cut charms.

sold out

Monday morning.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. 

It always amazes me how fast Monday morning comes and then again how fast Friday comes.  This week I am heading to sunny Las Vegas for a few days of fun and SUN.  Probably would be lying if I said I was going to relax.... but some pool time with girlfriends is a must!!  It will re power my engines!

Gotta run late for the office. L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...