We had a couple bright sunny days with a little warmth.
I took full advantage and finally got outside and cleaned up the winter sludge. Although nothing is growing, I tried to bring out some cheer so we can pretend things are growing. 

the bright fabric in the trees help add a burst of color, a burst of spring.

my favorite.

I love the pop of blue...
...and the paint cans as pots... and of course the cute brushes

tulips in the drawer

the faux lettuce ...

and a touch of metal

this is the last box and it was looking like rain....
I'll have to add the tulips and paint cans later...
but I like the white flowers

I can't wait to get planting... not this week!

Now we have 3 days of rain and cold coming and then a day of snow and wind.
of course it will rain and snow...
this is the Festival of Junk week and a sunny day would be too much to ask for.

Oh well, a couple of years ago this would have thrown me over the edge.
Not so much anymore...
 It is why we buy rain boots and cute scarves. Right? 
And us junkers love to dig in the dirt and get out and shop on rainy days. 
So rain or shine we moved it all indoors.

Next week we plant!


www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

I love those flowers. Do you sell them on line???
~Debra xxx
capers of the vintage vixens

Jennifer said...

I am such a blue and seafoam person so this is the post of my day - I love it! Wonderful! Happy, perky and Spring! Thanks so muh for wonderful ideas... I work in a busy high school health room and my part time job is with mentally retarded adults - I love making projects with them and the tree branches with the ties will be very easy for them to do. Jennifer jennsthreegraces

mary pernula said...

I love the material idea, way cute, I also can not wait till I can get my hands in the dirt, we have had a real lot of rain and it does not perk me up to be out in it.. Hugs Mary

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