Christmas preview ~ 1

 The Retail World is a crazy place to live.

It is Halloween .... today and I am obsessing, freaking out, going crazy, Ga - Ga... getting ready for Christmas... and I have been for the past two weeks.  Instead of dressing up and giving out candy, I am boxing up witch's like there is no tomorrow. Time to fast forward.... Winter Wonderland.
Like I said, the world of retail is a crazy place to live.

I meant to get a post out a couple of days ago, but when I dug out my camera the darn battery was dead.  So yesterday when I was leaving I snapped a few randoms... sneak peak ....

new color this year
Vintage celery

Thanks for stopping.

I prepared a little peak almost daily for the rest of the week.
So you can relax at your computer and enjoy your coffee... while I am moving at lightening speed.... I hope... in order to finish Christmas setup and be ready for the premiere on Saturday.

~ L

Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ Issue 8 Christmas

This is it.
This is the issue everyone waits for ALL YEAR.
The Christmas issue.
French - Nordic design.
Great photos and No advertisements.

I am getting a limited number this year.
Reserve your copy early....

News of the week.
Halloween is still on sale and what is left is packed up at 4pm Oct 31.  I have no room for after Halloween sales.... everything vanishes in a poof and the next day it is a winter wonderland.

Fall ~ the delishish Harvest bounty is remaining on the sales floor until Thanksgiving.  We have started a sale on those goods also, so shop early before it is all picked over.  I just noticed my birch bark turkeys are down to a grouping of 2... sorry little fellas need a home.

Christmas is in over drive... or at least it will be if I make it there today.  Sometimes I am stuck at the Hospital working all morning, day and night.  NO GOOD. I then (like now) start to get this rising sense of panic that things will not get done.  Some how enough gets done that ONLY I know the difference.... or at least that is what my friends tell me. 
Egads... I am drifting.... anyway, this week the back of the store Barn will be completely revamped.  All the sparkle is coming out.  Photo shoot with the professional photographer is scheduled for Sunday.
5 days until the shoot.
10 days until the Christmas Premiere.

I'm smiling just thinking about it.  ")


photo shoot -


When doing a photo shoot for any publication things must be done SO far in advance.  So three weeks ago, right before closing, I was notified that they needed the pictures THAT day....

Within minutes the table that was loaded with cement pumpkins, fall apples an orange bird bath and other Harvest goodies was stripped down.  Then the 10 - 12 trips back and forth to the back room to gather some Christmas goods and here is what I came up with....

After the photos... you got it... everything went back to storage, the table restored to Fall splendor and then me home to put my feet up and get on the computer to work photo magic...

another deadline met.

These fabulous pearl and wire trees are going to be featured throughout the Barn this Christmas season, so I had to make sure they were in the shot.  Love them.... notice they have a simple rock base.

two sizes.... a must have this year.

you can see the rock base in this shot.
- the other lovelies are felted and beaded .... drooling

Love. Love.

little Swedish deer

Now you have a little hint of what is in store for the Holidays.

I am currently transforming the back of the Barn to a winter wonderland....

15 days until the Christmas premiere....

Halloween and Fall on sale!!!


spooky Barn

Me again.
I was supposed to send off this post earlier in the week and I just realized it is Wednesday already... E-gads... how can it be Wednesday already.

Not everything Halloween at the Barn is creepy... some is spooky and some is just plain cute...

see... cute.

OMG - love the legs.... too cute.

... love the black and white

enter if you dare... caution

bats and rats and spooky lighting...

resting in pieces...
please don't bother to rise....

enter only if you dare...

meet Mrs. Meanie...

hello motto...

For All of you wondering.... Halloween is 30% off this week.

Remember, no after Halloween sale at the Barn.
The sale is Pre - Oct. 31

We are full blown Christmas The first weekend of Nov.


Creepy Barn Style

I told you we like our Halloween up here.

My original horse carriage buggy works great for the Halloween area. 

It's getting cold here... and dark early... yuck.
hummm... i guess that was just a random thought..

did I mention I am into spider webs...

Creepy Rat
Creepy vintage chandelier

More Rats....

Too Fun!

News for the week.
Halloween Sale started yesterday

20% off Creepy Barn Halloween goods.

We are taking orders for Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ issue 8
issue 8 is the Christmas issue
the one everybody waits for....

Call and put your name on the pick-up list
email me and we can put you on the auto ship
check the on-line shop soon and purchase...

Happy Saturday everyone.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...