Christmas preview ~ 1

 The Retail World is a crazy place to live.

It is Halloween .... today and I am obsessing, freaking out, going crazy, Ga - Ga... getting ready for Christmas... and I have been for the past two weeks.  Instead of dressing up and giving out candy, I am boxing up witch's like there is no tomorrow. Time to fast forward.... Winter Wonderland.
Like I said, the world of retail is a crazy place to live.

I meant to get a post out a couple of days ago, but when I dug out my camera the darn battery was dead.  So yesterday when I was leaving I snapped a few randoms... sneak peak ....

new color this year
Vintage celery

Thanks for stopping.

I prepared a little peak almost daily for the rest of the week.
So you can relax at your computer and enjoy your coffee... while I am moving at lightening speed.... I hope... in order to finish Christmas setup and be ready for the premiere on Saturday.

~ L

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Vintage said...

I like these pics:) Christmas will certainly be here soon!!

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