Fall Fest

Sunday morning with so much to do...
I think I need an assistant.. or two...
You would think after the weekend I would be caught up, but just like the laundry, you just start over...

It is the last Market in town for the year.
I should go...
I need some fun handbags and scarves
I need more fourth quarter food ...
I need candles.

Maybe tomorrow ?

For now, I am loving how busy we are at the Barn and how happy everyone is.  This weekend everyone was out enjoying the colors and the sunshine and the fall festivities. 

Too Fun. 

summer greens and orange? For sure!!!

Black and white with orange ? For sure!!

Need something fun to contain that kitchen garbage can. 
 Love this farmhouse bin.

We have sun and warmth all week.
Love this weather .... the mums and fall flowers are going crazy here.

I have to mention that in the last two weeks we have had tons of new guests, from both out of town and around town, that have never been to the Barn. They all claim that they saw the Junk Bonanza booth or that they heard about the JB booth from friends and had to come check us out.  Thank you ladies for making the drive.  Thank you ladies for spreading the word.  Thank you ladies for making my day with all your nice complements. I am still smiling.

Stay tuned more goods from the Barn coming up.



Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I've found a new haunting ground! Your shop looks amazing. I live up north, but am frequently in Mpls. to visit my daughter. We now have a new shop on our list of places to visit.

Martha said...

Gorgeous as always! Happy Fall!

Georgia Gibbons said...

lovin the black, white and orange, too. I love berries and bittersweet. It just gives such a great organic feel to whatever it is with.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...