Creepy Barn Style

I told you we like our Halloween up here.

My original horse carriage buggy works great for the Halloween area. 

It's getting cold here... and dark early... yuck.
hummm... i guess that was just a random thought..

did I mention I am into spider webs...

Creepy Rat
Creepy vintage chandelier

More Rats....

Too Fun!

News for the week.
Halloween Sale started yesterday

20% off Creepy Barn Halloween goods.

We are taking orders for Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ issue 8
issue 8 is the Christmas issue
the one everybody waits for....

Call and put your name on the pick-up list
email me and we can put you on the auto ship
check the on-line shop soon and purchase...

Happy Saturday everyone.


mary pernula said...

wonderful job!! Hugs Mary

Cassie Smith said...

This is great! Love your halloween decor!

remote control cars said...

Your Halloween decoration is perfect, In that first photograph embellish is magnificent, you given excellent look, I plan to do something like that in this weekend.

Bohemian said...

FANTASTIC Halloween Styling! Adoring the Vintage Buggy, this definitely has an Addams Family Vibe that I adore in decor!

Dawn... The Bohemian

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