Pottin' Company

I love terracotta pots.

Even if they just sit or lay on their side, I love them.

New vignette.
The table-tops and product don't last long here at the Pottin' Company

Which is a good thing because I get bored FAST with the same look.
I love this look...soft roses, textiles and glass, mixed with straw, bricks and the deconstructed raw materials.

my metal cage light ....now propped on an open picture frame, was kind of an accident.... it was hanging from the ceiling and he just kind of slid on down to the table, so I plopped him right on in. Looks like I planned the whole thing.... not.

a perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life...

a customer asked if she could order these for her late summer wedding....how fun!
 they are SO beautiful.

I love holiday weekends because we get so many out of town guests. I love when you stop and share that you are a blog follower and that you came to see the shop because you are in Minnesota visiting.

We had guests from Utah, So. Dakota, Texas and from all over different parts of Minnesota...
Super Fun!

my jar was full...going, going GONE!

Enjoy your short week.... June is coming.

My mom's Birthday is on Wednesday, May 30th
"Hi mom, Happy Birthday"


french script

OH my, is it Sunday already.

Actually, I am glad it is Sunday....it's supposed to be Sunny-Hot-Breezy... I love that kind of day. It reminds me of when we were young and mom would put the sheets out on the line.
Lazy, hot summer days.

At the barn, May and June are dedicated for the summer home.
Getting things in place to drop everything at the last minute and entertain.

Get the house ready for that big graduation event.

Or just get the house ready for YOU!

The French script linens are perfect.

Towels draped on the window look great!!

check it out...too fun

The place mats look great draped on the table or try one on a chair
....or I use mine for the dog bowls.... Bella loves her eating area!

wherever you choose to stash one, it adds that perfect touch.

Today, I will be at the Barn for as long as everyone keeps me occupied... I am also working on canvases and a new pillow line .... but after a few hours, I will be ready for some time in the sun.

Clue: might close early. Be forewarned.

~ L

little red wagon

My little RED wagon needs a home.

It is Memorial weekend and guess what...it is supposed to rain.
It is kind of a given in these parts... Memorial weekend holiday = Rain.

I am making big plans with or without the rain.
And I will also be spending time at the Barn.
We just received another 3 shipments of goods that I ordered when I was in Atlanta... what can it be... I have forgotten all about this product... We will find out together and it will hit the sales floor by the end of today!

For now.... a little eye candy

and with the rain coming we need some inspirational reading material.

If you have not seen Paris in Color you are missing out.

And flea market chic.... so fun!

Sorry... chair is gone

I have a wedding coming up in Virginia Beach for my nephew and his his soon-to-be Bride.  Which means finding something to wear, getting my hair done AND of course the gift.

I have something in mind... I'll show you next time.

Enjoy your holiday.

Come see me at the Barn.
We will have regular hours on Saturday and Sunday and short hours on Monday...
a girl needs a little R & R

~ L

Jeanne d'Arc Living - June

The fifth issue is in print.

We are taking pre-orders.

They arrive the first week of the month and we ship as soon as our hot little hands can wrap them and get them to the post office. 

As always, first come - first serve.

Don't you just love summer.
$13.95 per issue
$4.00 S & H
In Minnesota we are still in that wonderful late-Spring mode. The mornings are chilly... high 40's!! and then the sun warms us to the high 70's - low 80's but as the sun drops we are rushing to grab the sweaters.

Heaven on Earth

This week rain and more Rain.
I guess I will be catching up on some reading....

Like the hardcover...

I happen to have a couple issues of the Jeanne d'Arc Living Recipes book left on the shelf.  Not your average Recipe book, it is loaded with indoor and outdoor vignettes and table settings.

A must have for the Jeanne d'Arc lover.

See you at the Barn!!!

~ L

chick days

Chick days is right, we have sold loads of chickens this weekend.
Iron chickens
wood ckickens
even metal chickens

Everyone loves the chickens.

The event name or theme should be " chick days"

There is something so comforting about wooden spoons.
Especially the gently used...
...those grouped together in mass

We are down to one European grain sack... one red stripe down the middle.

A fun book on raising chickens.
Perfect for all of us who dream of a simple farmhouse...

Right now I have to settle for my Barn filled with farmhouse treasures, my house, a simple two story cottage and our dog Bella.  - who I believe would eat all the chickens...

Last day of the Storewide Event  .... while the chickens last.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...