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Another corner of the Vogue Boutique

Archipelago's milk line is a designers dream come true, the packaging is great for display.  You know how I am all about the display.  Half the time when I get a table done I end up marking half the stuff NSF because I don't want anyone messing with the overall look.  Goofy, I know....retail probably isn't the best place for someone like me.  Mr. Miller gets a little upset with me.... his line stays the same "sell that crap"... at least he stays consistent.

don't you agree the overall look is good
black and white, good font, and they all are numbered on one side.

my gathering of vintage ladies love their new setting

The product itself is also wonderful.
One good thing about being the sole buyer - I only buy what I like and want to use in my own home....oh, and it has to be display-able.... anyway,  it works for us at the Barn. 

check out the case...the lining and the mirror.

Alright back to work.... more play time at the Barn today.
I had hoped to get some more planting done but the rain is going to have to move on out.
Too much lightning!!

At least with this rain I can work on loading more product to the website.  I had hoped to get more done but my pictures didn't turn out.  I don't know what happened the day I shot the photos ??? .... it's always something...  try and try again, I guess.

vogue boutique

Busy week again, I can't believe it's already the end of the week.

Big news.

A couple of things actually, the Vogue Boutique is up and running.  I know I have been talking about it since January, so I hope you are as excited as I am.  Second, the new website is finished...well, up and running, but still a work in progress.  I told you a busy week.... and then some.

I first had to strip down and move all the product from this area, and then free hand a couple of vogue lady silhouette's.  I didn't have a vogue stencil, but a 5 letter word, one letter at a time, how hard can that be.

hang a shelf high....

get some Vogue "glam" shots

move a couple things into place.... done for the night... good enough to open the shop in the morning, and a good days work completed....

the next day back at it for some finishing touches...

I love these big spools for jewelry display

kind of puts you in the mood...
-image is everything

new blog button....

how fun is that!!

Have a safe and glorious long Holiday weekend.
I will be busy loading product all weekend ~L

he's blooming...

Look how beautiful he is...

Oh happy spring.
We have had a ton of rain the last couple of days.  The Ark, kind of rain .. no kidding.  But with rain comes growth and GREEN.  It is time to plant sisters and I am smiling ear to ear.

A few years ago I came across a fun bush in the neighborhood, it had whimsical little white flowers and no leaves.... Odd, but the cutest flowers you have ever seen.  I took pictures and investigated and found it to be a Star Magnolia.  A few days after, I noticed all the flowers were gone and new leaf buds were popping up.  Later, it was just a green bush.  Odd little guy.

I knew I had to have one!!
I went on a search and rescue mission... found one... instructed Mr. Miller and the two children... and to my delight he was on my door step for Mother's day.  That was two year's ago.  Last year he got big pussy willow buds but no flowers - maybe he is still too young? He did get lots of leaves and was green and happy all summer, so I waited for this spring. 

 I almost crashed the car when I pulled out of the garage one morning and I saw the cutest white flower fully opened and flapping in the morning breeze.  OMG. OMG. OMG. He's blooming.  I checked him everyday and he did pretty good. Not all of the pussy willow looking buds opened to flowers, but maybe next year.  Now all the flowers are gone and his leaves are opening... what a hoot he is.  You must all get one for yourselves.

My google search found some useful information ...

The star magnolia bush is a delicate flowering magnolia. This tiny magnolia originated in Japan and grows 15 to 20 feet tall, producing a cloud of white blossoms in the springtime. If left unpruned, the star magnolia retains a dense, compact shape; you can train it into a tree with serious pruning. The star magnolia blooms in early spring before leaves are produced and produces seed pods in early summer.

see how whimsical... a delicate white flower on bare wood....

they sort of close up at night, reopen in the morning and last a couple of weeks...

most of his buds did not produce flowers - this year, but if they did he would be covered in fun white blossoms

Oh happy day!


We have had 4 sun filled days.
Four whole days... in a row.

I can't tell you how nice it is to be outside cleaning the gardens, mulching and planting.
how sweet it is....

on a Barn note we have been moving things in and moving things out.

the vintage basket in the background is actually a cooler...
metal inserts inside a picnic basket
And the gray color doesn't hurt either

the numbered cloth coasters.... too fun!

look at my fun new succulents


Garden Market this weekend!
Come one come all.

set your table

Vintage love at the Barn.
This is the time of year we are planning graduations, receptions, showers and just plain ole' dinner parties with friends.  Let me show you some fun goodies to help your table look fabulous with a little bit of paper.  Yep, you heard right....PAPER.

The table cover....large over sized silverware printed on recycled paper rolls.

The paper is also shown hanging from my tree over the table.

How fun is that

Of course, I have so much stuff on the table it is hard to see, but it is the funkiest paper table cover EVER.  Trust me.

mix in some great linens....
funky silverware molds...

paper rosette cake plate servers... set your yummy treats right on the paper and then throw when it's time to clean up.

paper place mats....

more fine linens

paper menu sheets

Rainy and cold. cold. cold.
They say sunshine next week.... hopefully.

One good thing, it's a good day to shop.
See you at the Barn.
~ L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...