It is Happening

Get Ready !

It's happening.
This is the week of Great Transition.
The entire barn is being transformed into a magical Wonderland of Sparkle and Delight.

This is the week I take off at the hospital "vacation"
... I spend 10 - 12 hours a day at the Barn and create... at first I create a huge mess, but eventually by day 
it turns into Vignette after Vignette 

some know the routine and sneak a peek.
Others know the quantities are limited and don't want to risk the fact that we might run out...
We are open daily if you love a mess...
today is day 4!!!

Fall Harvest and Halloween 50% off

See you soon
Get your JOY on

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Beautiful Fall day

Oh my, it is nice outside.
After our horrible winter and long cold spring, we finally have a beautiful Fall. 
The mornings are crisp, with bright cloudless skies and brilliant sunshine, and our days are WARM!!

It is a time to really open your eyes and soak in as much nature as you can.
It's show time up here.
The leaves are our favorite Orange, Yellow, Reds !!!

In stead of nesting and hunkering down in the cold, I am thinking ... we need to go last get together outside... one last walk in the park... play with the dog... feed the birds... clean up the back yard... watch a little outdoor football ! Anything to be outside !!
Even a little Junkin' trip.
What about hitting the RBPCo.
.... that's the best idea yet !!

We have a ton of Vintage junk needing good homes.

My Fall is on sale.
I know most of you have been decorating your homes with Fall decor for over a month now, BUT who doesn't 
love a good sale.
Isn't that what goes through our minds when we are out...
", I wish they were having a sale...I want everything... I would stock up on candles and melts...and bags of potpourri...and bundles of floral and pumpkins .... I want it all..."  

Now is your chance !
Fall merchandise 50% off starts today and goes thru Thanksgiving.
Get your table decor early before it is all gone.

As always, shop local.
Four vintage typewriters have arrived.

... and we are as close to Anoka as can be...The Halloween Capital of the World...
Who needs more funky one-of-a-kind Halloween

We have it for you !
half off.

All Halloween 50% off 
While supplies last !!

Let's go.. It's happening at the Barn !!

Another fabulous weather weekend. Grab your shopping buddies and come see us.  I will be in on Sunday all day to play. See you then.

One last note :
Normally, my sale prices do not include online orders.
Through October.... Sale prices will be included on Fall and Halloween if you want me to ship it to you. Just give us a shout out.... 763.427.5321

Lori ~ RBPCo.

a gathering for us

What are you doing Wednesday, October 22

Get out your calendar.

Call your friends.

We are having a Friends & Family Get together.

Loads of fun... loads of savings...I will even have a touch of Christmas out.  I have to get started that week, so come on in and celebrate with us.
Spread the LOVE

3 hours only.

See you then.. see you at the Barn...

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Letting Go... It's time to move on.

It's time.

I think you have all heard the news... rumors... gossip.
Well it is true.
I can finally talk about it...
I can Say it out loud !!
... here go's...
I am selling the business.
You heard it from me. 

It's time to let go.

For those of you who have followed and know my story, you know that I have a full time career outside of the Barn.  The purchase of the Barn and establishing myself in this crazy Vintage- Retail world has been the best time in my life.  The things I have learned... the people who I have met... and the goals that I have accomplished.  
But who can continue 2 full time careers at the same time.... for eight years...
It has been a hell of a ride, but my family is in need of more of me, so it is time to hand over the reigns.

So... no, I have not sold yet.
You still have a chance to own and run your very own 
World renowned Destination shop.
One of the top Destination establishments for the last 8 years. The RB Potting Company is housed in a historic Landmark Round Barn, that is well over 120 years old.  The building's charm and antiquity embellishes everyone and anyone's shopping experience.  

The Barn is a place to come for daily rejuvenation and inspiration. 
Located in Andover, Minnesota - just 20 minutes north of Minneapolis.

Calling all stylists...
... designers...
shop owner wanna-be's!!

If it has always been your dream to own your own business...
if you have just been waiting for the right opportunity...
the right location...
The Right Fun Venue!!

My Barn is the funkiest setting you will ever find to express yourself and to grow your business.

I will discuss details with only serious buyers.
Appointments must be made in advance.

You know you want it.
My dreams can become your Dreams !! goes...publish...

... a house full of spookies

We actually have enough Spookies to fill a few houses.... 

... look at their cute pink toes.

I am wrapping up my Halloween postings today.  It is such a fun time at the barn. I can't believe it is only a few weeks away.  

... and then Christmas !!

The spiders just love Lola.
They are going to town...
these little spiders have these fab bendy legs - so you can hook them on anything... cupboard doors...vanity mirrors... the side of a coffee cup.
Your sweety will be surprised !

make your own Evil Brew...

treats. treats. treats.

thanks for stopping.
happy weekend!!

For all of you October babies ... Happy Birthday Month!

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Do we have Halloween ...

A customer walked in the other day and asked, "do you have anything Halloween?"

Of course I smiled and replied...
"we happen to have a little Halloween."

Newbies !! You gotta love em'

She was quite happy to say the least....

this empty vintage bird cage was perfect to anchor my spider webs AND my last, big - furry - scary spider !!

the skeletons I mentioned last post...

quick, follow me....

most of the glitter and shine are gone....
replaced with 2 tones of MMS milk paint.
I love how they turned out

did I mention the spider webs...

Of course, the Dracula bust and the crowned crow, are two of my favorites...

local artist, Renee, chalk board art.
One of a kind!

as a bracelet ?? Maybe.

One more round of photos to come.

... do we have Halloween !!!

We Do Indeed AND it is on SALE !!

See you soon.


Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...