wine lovers.... yes you

Good morning or good day. 
Another Monday... and lots to accomplish this week....again.  
 To start out though, I thought I would reflect on the weekend, with a wine post.  Relaxation, a little wine with friends, a little wine at home watching movies... they say a little wine is good for the heart.  I know it is good for decor and for gifts...

you know these caught my eye because of the book page...

Love the Sue Wolfe prints with the wine theme

the hand towels... just enough red

vintage look opener and some fun wine bar music

super fun bags

cloth coasters.... Love

i told you ... how fun is this look

I hope everyone had a relaxing and recharging weekend like I did.

More good stuff coming soon. The back room at the Barn is stacked high with boxes and so much more is on the way.  The UPS guy is not going to be happy with me.  :))

I have also started the Barn boutique area under construction - 1/4 of the store is filled with women's accessories...scarves, handbags, jewelry, hats, etc. and it needed to be opened up and refabed due to theft.  So all the jewels are coming up front and all the hidden corners are coming down.  NO more theft at the Barn.  Anyway, it's fun to demolish half the store and recreate....stay tuned!  5 new jewelry lines are coming in and they are ALL funky - vintage - my love. love.


green food at the barn

Oh, Happy Weekend.
The temperature climbed up over 20 degrees and since I have a bit of spring fever...already... I couldn't help myself.... I started digging in the dirt.  I didn't even wear gloves, I just dug right in.!  So much fun.!

Check out all my new green food.... and I swear they grow every night.

love my recycled paper containers

I even bagged some dirt.... just incase you need some

get out and have some fun this weekend

It's not supposed to be cold here until Sunday.... Yipee!
Two small shipments arrived yesterday and I expect another load's coming!

Jeanne d'Arc Living - February is on order


winter bliss

We have growth at the Barn.
It is hard to believe I have only been back a week and the whole store has been transformed.  I can see by my credit card that the new things will be arriving any day now, but in the meantime, the Barn has been flipped upside down and sideways.  More changes are coming over the next 2 weeks....I can't wait.

I still can't get enough of my birch.... A guest came in the other day from Stillwater and had to have a couple trees for herself... Thank God she had her truck because these bad boys are 10 feet +

my little book page buttons are popular

 isn't this so fun....
my Barn is quite large so there is lots of space for me to come play everyday.......

 this is my new favorite color.... you'll see it pop up soon in lots of vignettes

post - sold
new size for the Sue Wolfe print
Love the gears on a stick

It has been so Damn cold here!!!
Today we might warm up  close to 20 degrees.

I am ordering the Feb. issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living.
I have a few Jan. issues in stock, but all 2010 are sold out.

Happy January.... one week left! ~L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...