The weekend is coming...

The weekend is approaching.
Stock up and invite your friends over.

I am finishing with some random shots throughout the Barn...

Gearing up for Father's day.
spicy peanuts.
spicy pickles.
spicy drink mix.

the sign says it.

eat, drink and be Merry

this child set is so fun
the cabinet says PLAY
the chair SIT
and the table has the alphabet 

I just did my third giant re-order in only 4 months.

If you haven't tried this product you are missing out.
Miss Mustard Seed's milk Paint.

18 fabulous colors
4 fabulous top coats
all natural.

Have I enticed you ?
Did something catch your eye ?
 just remember ... you shop...WE Ship !!

This sign below, I have had in my back yard for many years now.
Everyone wants it... but I can't seem to get my hands on any more...
So, arriving next week, I have had it remade on canvas.

How fun.
Now you can have one also.

Call ahead and reserve your Bar & Grill sign.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Remember we have started the summer hours

Closed Monday
Tu - Thur 10 - 6
Fri - Sat 10 - 5
Sunday 12 - 4

see you soon

Welcome - RBPCo

I love a good Welcome sign...

and what can be better then a piece of chippy Barn wood.

My next couple of posts are random shots as I walk through the Barn
... so welcome

My usual routine is to take a bunch of photos, with plans to post them right away... well you know how that goes... it is usually a week before they get here.  As I am posting these, I look at them and think... wow, that is gone... and that sold... he's out the door... it amazes me how much and how fast things jump out the door. A good thing, for sure, but I wonder if I would notice everything if I didn't photograph EVERYTHING !!
I would still notice !!

gone ... but I hope to get more this week

... everything here gone except the chair and the table toppers...

busy weekend !!

smalls galore ...

this luscious cabinet ... great for towels.. still available. 

bike bags sold out ... hopefully more coming...

one or two left !!

cabinet in the back corner gone...

Good thing I reload every week !!

It really is a good thing to be a destination shop, because when they come... they come to explore and to buy !! Love you guys !!  Now if you live right here ... in Minnesota... 
and you say "it's too far to drive" 
Shame on you. !
20 minutes is not a long drive.
 Try a 4 - 6 hour drive to get here.... 

Expect the unexpected.
Expect to be over-whelmed with good things.

Expect to find the funkiest venue around !!

Enough said.

More tomorrow.

add a pom - pom

Who doesn't love pom-poms ?
Pom-poms put a smile on my face. They are such a happy ball of goodness. Probably because they remind me of my childhood.

I never dreamed there could be a whole wonderful book on the poms.
But there is, and we have a few copies left at the Barn.  If you need a few more creative ideas, just jump right in and start creating smiles !!

I love this idea.
How cute on a shower curtain !!

... and of course, the cutest hedgehog ever !!

We just experienced a really nice weekend here in Minnesota.  
They are rare up here.  
Sunny, eighties, breezy... 
some humidity and a little rain moved in on the 3 rd day ... but who could complain. 

We finally got some planting time.
Dirt !!

It really is hard to believe that June is just a few days off.

Let the good times role.
The next issue from Jeanne d'arc Living will arrive this week.

If you haven't been in .... we are loaded with fun, funky finds... and they just keep coming in !!

a handmade world

It is all the rage.
Sewing. Painting. Crafting. Photography.

Just do it yourself !!

... it is a handmade world.

This book, just in, by Kate Haxell "Sewlicious" is just that.


The cover is amazing.

Love it all.

pages filled with wonderful goodies...
great patterns and instruction.
I feel like I could even do it... and I don't sew.
...but it is on my list.

I would like everyone to meet my Grand-baby.

Yep. I am a Grandma !!

Jaxon Hunter Miller

Life is good.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...