Greetings~ time will tell

Greetings...As in Greeting Cards. That is my big news of the day. I, © lori miller vintage design, will now be doing my own line of greeting cards! Can you stand it! I was going to wait and post my exciting news when the line is actually ready for the shelves...but close enough, they will be here soon. So for all of you who have commented on my photos, I have saved the best for the greeting card line.! :-)
Don't you just LOVE life!

Here is a fun table I just redid at the shop. Clocks. Vintage candle holders. Chandeliers. My favorite chair. Books.

... a different tone.

I just have too much fun at my store.

... and yes, everything is for sale!... including the greeting cards soon! :-) L

Jeanne d' Arc Living ~ Magazine #4

The July issue is finally here. The girls, Lonnie Wurtz Jensen and Vivian Christensen, who are Jeanne d' Arc Living, are geniuses! Here is a sneak peak at the new issue. If you have never perused the pages you are missing out on the hot-est thing around!
Check it out!

July is the 4th edition of the magazine from Jd'Arc. The 1st and 2nd editions are completely sold out at the company and will not be reprinted. We (RBPCo.) have a tiny amount left of the 2nd & 3rd editions, as of this morning....

Call me to reserve your copy. I can also ship next day mail.
$23 includes all fees.
Happy Wednesday :-)

Vintage ~ Vagabond Vintage

Are you ready for some of the best bags in town! They just arrived. I am so excited...check them out.

My problem is I order everything for me, and I want them all!

Drama at the Barn

Oh yeah, even at my peaceful Barn there is bound to be drama. Oh, the stories these walls could tell....maybe another time. As I mentioned previously I've been moving things out, redoing sections of the store, and unpacking loads of new goods.
I love these new chandeliers, made out of cardboard, they can be hung anywhere with ease. Bedroom or bathroom, over the tub, or just about anywhere...too fun.

Jeanne d' Arc living magazine should be arriving the first part of this week.

Come sit a spell

Can you believe it is the end of July already? Only 8 days left in July. Part of me is panicking because there is much to do, events to plan, product to order, vignettes to redo...yada - yada. The other part of me is screaming... July, you need to sit and relax and enjoy summer before the days are gone!
Since it is me, I guess I will do all of the above. In fact, I will do it with an adult beverage and pretend I am on vacation! :)

Come sit a spell. Relax.

This old bench I just found last weekend.

later alligator.

Summer splendor

I have always enjoyed the PODS. They are so simple, yet funky and unique. They can be used in all settings. Mixed with grasses, with flowers, with sticks or presented all by themselves. They are good in vignettes for all seasons.... how fun would they be in the Christmas trees with some feathers and vintage balls. Christmas... Ugh, soon enough. I need to start thinking pumpkins.

Check out the large metal laundry basket. Filled with towels in the guest bath...

Is it art or a throw pillow...

Found some great junk last weekend. I can't wait to get to the store to work it in...stay tuned. L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...