Thursday, July 30, 2009

Greetings~ time will tell

Greetings...As in Greeting Cards. That is my big news of the day. I, © lori miller vintage design, will now be doing my own line of greeting cards! Can you stand it! I was going to wait and post my exciting news when the line is actually ready for the shelves...but close enough, they will be here soon. So for all of you who have commented on my photos, I have saved the best for the greeting card line.! :-)
Don't you just LOVE life!

Here is a fun table I just redid at the shop. Clocks. Vintage candle holders. Chandeliers. My favorite chair. Books.

... a different tone.

I just have too much fun at my store.

... and yes, everything is for sale!... including the greeting cards soon! :-) L

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It' an Evolution said...

congratulations!!! How blessed you at your store and a new career as well. This is an exciting time of your life.